Beauty Product Reviews


First time spending so much on something that we use almost daily, was quite hesitant at first but realize that I wouldn't know how it is like if I didn't try so I decided to get it. I've been using it for quite sometime now and I still love it! It blends extremely well, smell nice and it has a very good consistency. Of course not forgetting the coverage, although it doesn't give full coverage but it's enough coverage for me so I really really recommend this!


I love polka dots and I love the fonts they use to package their beauty stuff. I was surprised by how quick this nail polish dries and how the color turn out to be! I got it in the lilac color that I don't know the exact name for and for the first coat I apply, it's doesn't look stripy like most pastel/light nail polishes will end up looking. Very impressed with this nail polish. And it's not overpriced too! I'd say this can be compared to OPI and maybe win.


When I say perfect, it's really perfect! I got it when they have the gold packaging which is a limited addition but in the same color, china red, when I have it on my lips, it ALWAYS stays on until I remove it with a makeup remover wipes. I don't have to touch up when I'm out, it doesn't fade when I drink, eat or lick my lips (sounds weird) and it doesn't dry your lip (my lips are naturally dry). I LOVE THIS! Really didn't expect it to be such a good lipstick. Most recent picture of me with the red lipstick. Used it a lot of times and it still last the same. ^-^

Worth the price!

This brush from elf is totally worth the price! Good for filling your brows, and good for making a perfect winged eyeliner. Best thing is it's retailing at a very affordable price! ^-^

The colors are beautiful and pigmented though the pink one isn't very bright while on skin, it's somewhat like a translucent pink color when you applied it. Oil Slick is my favorite color, it's very pigmented and shimmery! The brush provided is quite high quality. And the eyeshadow primer potion is just superb!

Cool enough.

I like how the nail polish bottle looks and how quick the nail polish crack. Especially when the cracks it gave you are all different, with a white base & black shatter polish, it matches with all kinds of outfits! I must say this is the coolest nail polish I've seen and used.