Michelle A.

I love polka dots and I love the fonts they use to package their beauty stuff. I was surprised by how quick this nail polish dries and how the color turn out to be! I got it in the lilac color that I don't know the exact name for and for the first coat I apply, it's doesn't look stripy like most pastel/light nail polishes will end up looking. Very impressed with this nail polish. And it's not overpriced too! I'd say this can be compared to OPI and maybe win.

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Kamen H.
Good consistency and easy to apply

I'm a polish addict, Topshop nail polish works surprisingly well! The polish was easy to apply and dried quickly. I love their selection of colours too! Young and Vibrant with lot of choices!

Ingrid N.
surprisingly good!

I was really surprised at how much I ended up liking this! I have a somewhat biased impression of clothing brands releasing their own cosmetic lines, and it isn't a good one. But I'm really satisfied with Topshop's nail polish, although I can't say the same for a few of their other products. It doesn't smell weird, although I can't say it smells good, and it goes on smoothly and is completely opaque with two coats. Good color choice too, although most colors are just 'normal' colours. A few exceptions though, like my current favorite Hidden Treasure, a gorgeous green-gold duochrome, and a knock off dupe for Butter London's Knackered.

Natilly J.

I really love TopShop nail polish's, I have more of these than any other brand. The range of colours is fantastic and the consistency of the polish isn't too thin and watery or too thick, gloopy and hard to work with. 2 coats normally does the trick and it lasts quite a while, especially if you chose to use a base and a top coat.