Beauty Product Reviews

worth the buy

this product is not to bad defiantly different what I'm use to but it works pretty good I just put it on on some spots that need to be covered and blend it out but I like the feel of it soft and almost feels like powder foundation after you blend it out a bit , but all and all its a pretty good product for the price of it very cheap defiantly worth the buy when ur on a budget

Really Liked !!!

bought this lip balm a few months ago in strawberry I really like it a lot it's defiantly a must have in my makeup bag I keep in my purse

Love it !!!

Just picked this one up today , I love the smell if it and I'm a big lover of berries , can't wait to get a few more of these to share with friends

Just Picked it up today

I use to hate powders but I guess I can try them again and I've heard good stuff about this product in videos I watch on youtube , I'm not much of a makeup person but I don't mind trying new things to make my self pretty here and there

love elf its my wet n wild replacement

just picked up this product up today I can't wait to try it I hear such good stuff about it in youtube videos I watch

Love It !!!

I really like this I picked it up over the weekend and used it when I went straighten my hair it works really good and I love the smell it makes my hair smell really good

I hope to get this some day I keep hearing great things about it the colors look awesome right up my alley I like the more natural tones even though I'm very fair skinned

Just Bought Sunny Side Up today and I like it never worn orange before but I love it , in the pic attached to this Sunny Side Up is on the right of my nail

love this product really works with my face it makes it feel so smooth and really helps my skin and I have very dry skin when the winter time hits or when the weather is very odd in the summer time

I really like this lipstick I got it for free from Cover Girl it really makes my lips feel good after it wears off