Beauty Product Reviews

Great concealer!

I'm wearing the Orange color corrector and concealer in cool tan. This gives me great coverage for the most part. I haven't used it for highlighting and contouring yet but I will!

Amazing High Def Powder

This powder is awesome! It doesn't take much product to get the desired affect at all so it lasts FOREVER! I use the puff applicator to apply its just simpler to use my makeup brush. The powder is translucent and doesn't leave any white residue. For $6 you are getting a phenomenal deal!


I am new to makeup so im not all that experienced with applying it but these colors looked great on my skintone no matter what order I applied them in! Great product!

<3 at first site!

I always wanted long lushes full lashes and I was a total fail at fake lashes so when this came out I hurried up and ordered it off of ebay and I will NEVER buy another mascara. This is the ULTIMATE mascara!