Beauty Product Reviews

seriously it won't go ANYWHERE till u decide to remove it. SERIOUSLY.

standard wonderful precision stylo liquid liner. tip does not fray, ink does not break. when it gets a bit dry just shake it a few times. i have both black and brown. the brown is a lovely deep brown that isnt too red. ready for the best part? IT EVEN GOES ON MY TIGHTLINE AND DOESNT BUDGE FOR 20+ HOURS. AT ALL. i hv used all sorts of other liners in my tightline n nothing stays. (UD 24/7 pencil, stila smudgestick, avon mega impact pencil, mufe aqua eyes, bobbi brown gel liner, ysl cream liner, inglot cream liner... just off the top of my head n another whole bunch of liners in various forms) SERIOUSLY this is the best liner EVER!!!


I have CHONICALLY dry lips and anything I use, from good old VASELINE to drugstore lip balms to natural BURTS BEES lip balms to pricier AVENE lip balm to LA MER lip balm ($40 a pot, it's stupid!!)... NOTHING WOKRED and they just sit there and after a few hours, peel my lips. THIS is the only one that moisturizes and gets rid of dry flakes. I usually exfoliate using a toothbrush, then apply a thick layer before bed. and in the morning VOILA, soft supple lips. many ppl complain about the scent, it doesn't bother me much, but it did come out with a fragrance free version, which I keep in my kit n will repurchase till I'm dead.

everytime i use this, people say "wow", without fail

i use beguile to highlight the tear duct, or mix with a medium to use as a liner, or just dab on to the lid over colours... and unlike a lot of other pigments or shimmers or glitters, it has very very minimal fallouts. its very fine and though glittery, its not chunky. GORGEOUS MUST HAVE pro or personal!!

all time fav comfy perfume

i love love LOVE the clean laundry scent!!! its very soapy, very fresh and not overpowering, doesnt smell like ur trying too hard. suitable for everyday wear. i used to like the CLEAN shower fresh, but i find this a little warmer and cozier...if that makes sense lol.


pretty drying on my already dry lips. could do with just applying foundation over. i tried applying a lip balm underneath this but then when i apply a lipcolour over the top it slips. i now use a bit of lipbalm then spray dior airflash foundation onto a finger n dab on lips to erase. i find this more effective.

  • 4.5
holy grail foundation by far

for the longest time mufe hd has been my absolute fav holy grail cannot live without foundation. till this baby came by. it is a hair better... just ever so slightly more natural looking and skin-like. and just that tad more coverage it gives. very very water resistant. i wore this in direct sunlight for 2 hrs straight at 30 degrees heat and was riding a horse sweating all over and it stayed INTACT. i cant love this more <3