Elizabeth Arden

Eight Hour Cream


Heidi C.

I have CHONICALLY dry lips and anything I use, from good old VASELINE to drugstore lip balms to natural BURTS BEES lip balms to pricier AVENE lip balm to LA MER lip balm ($40 a pot, it's stupid!!)... NOTHING WOKRED and they just sit there and after a few hours, peel my lips. THIS is the only one that moisturizes and gets rid of dry flakes. I usually exfoliate using a toothbrush, then apply a thick layer before bed. and in the morning VOILA, soft supple lips. many ppl complain about the scent, it doesn't bother me much, but it did come out with a fragrance free version, which I keep in my kit n will repurchase till I'm dead.

anna maral K.

amazing prduct... and works as a great highlighter for photoshoots... besides the soothing and ,oisturizing properties for irritated and chapped skin.... also has a full range of products , the face moisturizer and lip balm are great... i got them all with a christmas goft set...