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LOVE LOVE LOVE these... I have three colors and use them all the time... I have the Gold, Purple and the Green... they DO NOT budge!

When you go to remove these, they don't 'melt' off... they flake off. May seem a bit weird at first. But considering that they dry quickly, don't transfer and don't budge at all, it wasn't anything that I couldn't get used to quickly!

Very disappointed in this product from UD. You are better off buying the NYX Glitter liners with the tassel on them... more concentration of glitter and a wide range of colors.

Dried out super fast. Now all that I can use it for is as a coloured base and even then I have to be very careful because to get it on evenly and without flaking some bits off... I have to use a eye buffing brush. For point of reference, the one that I have is Teal... gorgeous color but for me, useless as a liner... Such a shame...

I have these and the Urban Decay liners... these are cheaper but better than the UD glitter liners. Wide range of colors and higher concentration of glitter. Can't go wrong with these.

I find these to be better as bases than eyeliners... on me, they don't last very long at all because they never actually set unless you use a powder over them. Because the colors are so awesome, you wouldn't want to set them with a powder and cover up that awesome-ness... would you? I wouldn't.

Because they are creamy, they make great colored bases but like always, make sure to use an eye primer first .

Love the colors... the brush is great but I don't use it as described. The larger side of the brush is great for buffing on eye primers and eye bases to make them smooth and even. The smaller side is great for doing the same thing but on the lower lash line. I also use the smaller side of the brush to apply powder to my lower lash line. I love the brush so much that I am currently looking to dupe the larger, angled, buffer side to put in my kit... I love it that much!

I really like the colors... hated the V side of the blush... completely useless... however, the other side of the brush is awesome in and of itself as a great crease/precise blending brush.

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