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I love bronzer, but I don't love looking like an Oopa Lumpa. I typically use it as a blush or a contour. It works well with my oily skin and I've noticed it hasn't clogged my pores. It also doesn't make my skin too shiny, it just leaves a sun kissed feel.

Fresh Face

Dillard's was having their makeup party and I stopped by the Origin's counter. I really wanted an all natural foundation that wouldn't make my skin hurt, peel or cause my already cystic acne to double in size. I asked to test it out. First off what amazed me was how the color matched my skin tone perfectly and the I realized how breathable to product was. My face felt airy. The price was good for the amount of product given. It's also a vegan and cruelty free line.

Bye bye dark circles

I love this formula. It's smooth and creamy. It covers my dark circles with out covering up my freckles. I want to experiment with it as an eyeshadow primer and lip primer. I also love using it under my brows when I haven't had enough time to wax them or pluck them.


I love this matte lipstick. I just bought it today... It's amazing, smooth and opaque. The texture is awesome. I'm going to buy more colors. The only issue I have is with my lips because the lipstick tends to sink into the lines of my lips.


I'm not a blush type of person but when I was browsing through the NARS section of my local Sephora I came across this. I fell in love with the color and the silky texture. I also experimented with it. I tried it as an eyeshadow and as a colored eyebrow.

Love this!

I was in the market for a fiber mascara. I decided between two products MUF lash fibers. Any type of black or colored mascara can be used with it. Then there was the Too Faced Better Than False Lashes product. My local Sephora didn't carry the MUF lash fibers so I opted for the Too Faced. I love it. It makes my lashes look gorgeous. The product is also very gentle for people with mascara issues.

I love using felt tip liquid eyeliners because the lines are more crisp. It also makes it easier to do winged eyeliner looks. The only con to this product is that there are not enough colors.

Creamy and light

I have extremely oily and sensitive skin but when I used this I had no oily residue or feel at all. I like that it has a sheer tint to it so it doesn't cake in my pores. I liked it by itself but I will like to try it with a pore refining primer.

Major WOW factor.

Love them. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on vegan eyeshadows so I got the 1/3 sized jar. They require a soft application. They can be applied wet or dry. What sold me was how pigmented they were when applied both ways. Plus the price they can't be beat.

I will be getting the full size eyeshadows next go around. They also offer a epoxy that is also under ten dollars, but for now I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance is Candle Light.

Dramatic Lashes

I love this mascara along with the primer. It lasts all day,a full ten hours. I love the thickness, colour and application of this product. Since I've been starting my current line of vegan/cruelty free makeup/products I've been loving Tarte. I would recommend this to my vegan and animal rights friends.

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