Beauty Product Reviews

Ah-mazing during the cold winter here in Denmark (-10 c)

The winter time here in Denmark is crucial against both your skin in general and your lips! That's why I like to try out allot of different lip-products to figure out what works best for me! I have tried everything from the ever famous Elizabeth Arden "lip balm" to the classic "Vaseline" but I find myself always turning back to this product when my lips are as dry as a sahara, and I'm sick.. I must admit it works wonders! Not only does it moisturize my lips, but it actually "heals" them! When you put it on you can feel that its working. It reminds me of the vix my mum used to rub on my neck when I was very sick to help me breath again, but this is of course allot less harsh.. I have recommended this to all my friends, and I recommend you give this a try.. You can find this in different flavors as well (mint, strawberry etc.) and it doesn't cost allot around 5-6 pounds depending on where you buy it and where you live :) Hope this was helpful.. xoxo Nusa

Absolutely amazing coverage - makes your skin look like a doll!

I must say, this is the one foundation that loook absolutely FLAWLESS when you put it on, and on camera you can't find ONE spot or ANY discolouration on your skin what-so-ever!! Every time I go out at night or attend parties, people always ask what I did to my skin to make it look so flawless. I like to use the YSL-touche-eclat concealer with this so when taking pictures and in the club my eyes picks up the light. And lastly I spray on some fix+ from MAC, which gives me the perfect Barbie looking dewy skin! I can absolutely recommend this foundation, which I also do to everybody I know <3 L-o-v-e it! <3 Amazing product, and very affordable!