Beauty Product Reviews

My Perfect Nude

Never have I found a more beautiful shade of nude! A mauvey pink that blends well against my skin. A little shine and longevity. The shade selection is pretty good too and very inexpensive. Amazing product!


These little guys are single handedly the love of my lives! Have never failed me and are so extremely pigmented, they stain though. Which doesn't bother me as much ( all you need is a good makeup remover) but I know is a no-go for a lot of people.

Five Stars!

I am so picky when it comes to liners, especailly ones that I apply to my waterline. As much makeup as I haul around in my makeup bag you'd think I re-touch constantly when honestly the only time I really ever check my makeup is after the day is over. That is why having a long lasting, pigmented, gel liner is so important to me. Not only do these liners have an array of colors to choose from they do not smudge. At all! Five stars!

A God Sent

While I'd like to say I'm a practical packer and take only a palette and some blush on trips that would most definately be a lie. I'm a brat when it comes to those things and feel like I need my entire makeup collection when I travel because well " I might want to wear this one..." However, when my Lancome Sensational Palette was the only thing in my makeup bag I found that it allowed me to create the perfect smokey eye. Metallics and matte shadows...this product is a God sent!


I have had my eyes on these babies for years and finally got my hands on them when I when I went to IMATS New York this year. By far one the most theraputic things about playing in makeup is mixing colors together-- these suckers are perfect for those type of things. You can generate your PERFECT shade of whatever! One word...OBSESSED.

This has been my go-to foundation for the past year, and over-all, for the price, it's pretty descent. The only issue I have with this foundation in particular is that it doesn't have a pump, so you have to get a little creative when actually trying to get the product out. Also, it does make your skin look a little shiny through out the day. I have normal to dry skin so a little shine actually helps the dryness. When the shine gets a little too shiney i just simply blot and move on. Maybelline is my favorite drug store brand and the quality of this foundation doesn't disappoint :D

A Diva on a Dime's Godsent!

I just recently within the past couple of years have really gotten in to nail care, but all of my spending money USUALLY goes to makeup, so I went on a quest to find some really inexpensive good quality polish..and these are it! I nearly have all the colors and love how opaque they are!! Highly recommended ;D

Its adorable!

I honestly just picked it up because I thought the packaging was adorable, I didnt really plan on using it. But when it was the ONLY thing in my purse I tried it out just fell in love!! Constantly staying moisturized is very important to me, particularly my lips, and this product helps to the job! And its cute :D