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Beauty Product Reviews

Pretty cool

the liners arent the best liners made by far BUT these liners are absolutely worth the 99 cents and more. The are great for smudgin but in the water line they dont last too long.

The only one i will use for my brows

I have very sparse brows. This brow pallete is the only one i use for my eyes. I dont use the wax but the powder works for me and my clients alike. I never have a problem blening with the brow hair

Bang for your buck!

These eyeshadows are definetly making a new name for wet n wild. It seems like the scientist finally got the formula right! The color pays off, blendability(if thats a word), and non creasing action make these shadows compete with shadows four times its worth.

M.A.C watch your back!!!

This eyeshadow is one of the best in the drugstore,walmart,target,etc. I recommend this product for makeup newbies as well as seasoned pro's alike. It is very affordable and the colors are super pigmented. Also these colors are very blendable and glide on super smooth!

Arkward color translation.

I recently purchased a "teal" colored pigment however the color turned out to be more greenish than i would imagined but the color pays of well and its good for not creasing...

You will live past the smell

I love this product. Actually I am becoming a huge fan of e.l.f. I recently went on a vacay to the bahamas and this mist not only rehydrated my skin but held my makeup in place for well over 12 hours. The smell isnt very becoming but after you spray it the smell goes away. Im, pretty sure you can find something that will help with the "shine" if you have oily skin like mine but this product is not it. It hold but im still trying to figure out if its making my shining skin shinier( if thats even a

must have for all

I was using a really expensive brow gel made by Dior. That gel was ok but damaging on my pockets. I must say the brow gel is perfect. Glides on smoothly with out ruining my brow powder. Also dries quickly and doesntt smudge. I wore this gel on my brows during my vacay to the bahamas and my brows stayed on from morning to morning lol. Through parties and beaches and rqin as well as sweat. I definetly recommend this product!!!