Beauty Product Reviews


This concealer covered NOTHING! It was too watery, and a waste of money. No matter what shade I bought it was too yellow. I eventually ended up with "Terra" and now it's collecting dust on the bottom of my makeup box. This concealer moved around on my skin and didn't dry up quickly enough. (I have oily skin) As a woman with dark skin (or "dusky") I was really disappointed with the results of this. I think the #1 problem we deal with is hyper-pigmentation. Would giving this product more coverage hurt? I have dark spots all over my face and get new ones every week. I would think that CG would know that already.

Ebony Bronze

That was the name of the shade I bought. I think. Anyways the corresponding powder that I bought to match my Queen foundation was waay too yellow. After a while I could see little pills form in the compact and little dark splotches the made it hard for me to pick up the powder.

Ash, ash, baby.

I purchased this palette in Crystal Waters, and Ice Queen. The colors washed out on my skin and the darkest shade was still too light. The eyeshadow could not be applied on top of each other. The subsequent colors that i applies would just roll off my skin. Not to mention the creasing.

Not really a bronzer but no complaints here

I bought this bronzer a year ago, and i had no I idea what to do with it until I learned how to contour. This powder is dark enough for my skin, and helps me put some definition in my very round face.

Translucent Sable

I bought this setting powder in the shade mentioned above. I have oily skin and this light powder absorbs the oil but was a bit too shimmery. It settles in the pores. I love the fact the the powder is as light as air but the packaging is messy, and it gets everywhere. The sifter could be smaller. The Noxema smell could go. The worst part though is that the color was chalky no matter how little I applied. I looked like I was the undead.

Good skin matching but not much else

I bought this foundation from a local Publix in my area and got it one shade too dark. Then I purchased the shade Spicy Brown, and I loved it. I just wish there was a little less red. I have oily skin and the formulation was a bit heavy. The foundation rubbed off on my clothes, and oxidized a bit. It could be better.

A plane could land on my face...

...becuase the blush was very sparkly and settled in my pores. I looked like a human airport. These blushes are waay too sheer. It looks light on the pan but is a bit translucent. The shades could go darker for darker skintones. There wasn't much variation between the 3 shades at all.

Not pigmented enough and ashy

I don't know what Maybelline was thinking, but this product was a total fail so thank G-d I got it on sale. The good thing was that the powder was smooth and creamy, and it was easily spread. The bad was that there was not enough pigment in the blush to make it show n my skin. The ugly thing was that it was made with titanium dioxide which made my cheeks look ashy and unnatural. I ended up giving the blush away to my fairer skinned neighbor.

Invisible on darker skin

I have seen this product being sold for years before I finally gave in. I purchased this powder a while ago and I was totally surprised at how it disappeared into my skin. It's great for wearing alone or to setting makeup with. The powder leaves a matte finish and has no glitter in it that will settle into your pores. This is my go to powder for setting my makeup.

Ash, ash, baby!

I bought this blush with high hopes, but I should have known better. It was powdery, and it got everywhere. The second I applied Fuchsia it was everything but! It wasn't pigmented, and it disappeared on my skin and left a layer of ash instead. If you are a dark girl then don't waste your money.