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Camille V.
Is mine defective?

Pros: Love the color Cons: hard to get any product on the brush doesn't last more than an hour

I wish I had better things to say about this blush. Most people seem to have a good experience with this blush but it's just not working for me. I'm wondering if it's just the one that I have.

Jlee B.

I LOVE THIS COLOR. beautifully matte. long lasting. perfect for everyday use or pack it on for going out. It's AMAZING! The price point is SO low, so why not go and try it guys!

Meghan G.

OMGOSH! I cannot tell you guys how much I LOVE this product! It's one of the best blushes I have ever used! I love it so much. The pink passion and Twinkled Pink are my favorites. Pink Passion is a neon pink, but on your cheeks you should put to much unless your going for the Nikki Minaj look! Just one or two swipes enough. The Twinkled Pink is perfect to go over the Pink Passion, because, Twinkled Pink is very very shimmery, so if you like a shimmery look and color you can just put Twinkled pink over Pink Passion since Twinkled pink does not have very much Pigmentation. Overall, BEST BLUSH EVER!

Hailey S.

I ran through my first case and I am currently on my second. I love the adorable colors. It is great for the price. I use this more than I use my Benefit. The color is young and fun.

Blondee B.

I absolutely love this blush, for many reasons, for one ITS MATTE!!!!!! I hate shimmery blushes! Shimmer I believe should be just for eyes lips and highlights not cheeks I especially hate shimmery bronzers and contouring products it defeats the purpose of contouring completely! But that's an argument for another post. This color is the perfect cool pink I've been looking for for a very long time to get the dolly young glowy look. i recomend this blush be applied to the apples of the cheeks in a naturally blushing look, highlighting your cheeks and bridge of your nose with a white shimmer almost sparkly shadow or higlight cream then highlight powder to complete the doll like look apply crazy big lashes (top and bottoms) line the inner rim of the eye with white and contour the crease of the eye. you can apply eyeliner if you want to, but i find that as long as you cant see the band of the lashes you dont need it. apply elf lip stain in birthdy suit (it matches perfectly) and tada the perfect young, doll like glowing skin look!!!!

Ang v.
pretty in pink!!

Stays on pretty good! Color payoff is soo good for being only $3 I love these blushes but this particular color is waaay too bright!! i dab the tiniest amount and it is bright as heck!! lol so im not a big fan of this color but other colors are really nice!!

Marie M.
Ash, ash, baby!

I bought this blush with high hopes, but I should have known better. It was powdery, and it got everywhere. The second I applied Fuchsia it was everything but! It wasn't pigmented, and it disappeared on my skin and left a layer of ash instead. If you are a dark girl then don't waste your money.

Katie C.
Favorite blush!

This blush is my favorite. Pink Passion is so bright that it looks intimidating, but it's the perfect shade for me. It's so pigmented. A little goes a long way. And, it stays on. I adore this blush. I recommend it to everyone. I am going to have to pick up a few other colors.

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LeAndra D.
Yea thats pink!

I think for what the price is, its a good blush. I love blush , I feel like blush pulls every look together, whether they are bold or a faint tint. I feel these blushes a good faint tint. which makes a buildable product. I love it and I want every color .

Isabelina B.

OH MY GOSH, I am in love with this neon pink! I got it about a week ago and I have used it twice. It's a super bright, matte, pigmented, NEON pink. :) I used it for daytime, but you need a verrrrryyyy light hand- it's super pigmented, and with the color, you WILL end up looking like a clown. Hahaha. :) Overall, my favorite blush EVER- you can use it year round. :)