Beauty Product Reviews

Not something I would recommend for women of color..

It works okay as a moisturizer.. But not just by it self simply because it leaves an ashy look to the face.. I even tried using a shade darker and it still left a white shadow on my face..

Best soap EVER MADE!!!

I've been using dove since i was a kid.. and I've never had any issues.. It's very gentle and has always kept my skin super soft and the light scent leaves you smelling super fresh..

As a makeup artist it's a must to keep your face clean and clear from any blemishes, so i use dove soap on my face DAILY!! I mean I've had acne as a teen, so every now and then i'll have a breakout and every time i wash with dove my pimples clear up pretty quick.. HIGHLY SUGGESTED FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH SENSITIVE SKIN!!!!

The foundation is one of my favorites!!!! I mostly use it when I do photo shoots or weddings, the coverage is 100% AWESOME!! It helps stop the shine for us oily babes and I also use the matifying gel which works well as a primer. I'd definitely say its a kit must have.. :)


AWESOME PRODUCT!! I am new to using INGLOT and I must say that I'm very impressed.. The Body Pigment Power is so intense, it gives perfect coverage for the pop you want, it's long lasting and totally affordable.. A+