Kathleen T.

Location: Los Angeles

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About Me

I go by Kat alot of the time. I am a professional freelance Make-up Artist and I style hair. I graduated from Cinema Make-up school, but my love for the art didn't start there. I've always been a fan of a Filipino hair stylist named Ricky Reyes ever since I was a kid. I was fascinated by his make-up tutorials that aired every Sunday in the Philippines. I currently do hair and make-up full time so I'm always on the go.

I love everything and anything that has to do with Make-up, Fashion, Food,music and most of all meeting all the wonderful people in my life. Nothing has made me more happier than seeing another person happy. This is why I love what I do.

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Red
Hair Texture: Normal