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Beauty Product Reviews

I have had this brush for a couple years now I am really confident about it. I mainly use it to apply blush. It's a great brush and have not experiene any shedding with it. For a flawless application give it a try.

Great Palette

I bought this palette a couple months back and I must say I am impress with it. It took me quite some time before purchasing but I don't regret purchasing it at all. The colors are very pigment and the variety is great. I would suggest this palette for beginners great way to play and have fun with makeup.


I love this product. I was a bit on the nah side because, some shea prducts tend to have an odd scent. To the exception of this body butter it smells wonderful. Great for the winter and year round season as well. It's not too heavy and little goes along way. Great product for dry skin. It really does give your skin that 24 hour moisture as stated.

A great product for the winter especially if you tend to get dry skin or if you have dry skin. It's a bit to greasy and think. That's why I would only recommend for the winter season.