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nothing special

i really like this product but its nothing special or much different than makeup forever's hd powder or even my favorite drug store translucent powder. its a great product but not all up to the hype this product gets! :]

I Thought Differently...

after hearing all the rants and raves about this product i decided to go out and buy it and steer away from my normal benefit stay dont stray was ok but i have tried some drugstore primers that do if not the same but a better job than this but i also think youre paying for the name Urban Decay...i love this product but i just have tried better, but a great product indeed :]

My Favorite Brush

this is my absolute favorite foundation brush, great for liquid and creme products. i love the look it gives and on top of that the brush is absolutely gorgeous a glittery handle and sonia's signature on it...lovely :]

Love These.

i love these! even their collection nail polishes are pretty amazing for the quality :] i have these in a few colors and they all seem pretty opaque after one coat. i love the finish and they really are long lasting and keep their shine for about a week for me, and i do a lot with my hands just throughout one day, one of my favorite drugstore nail polishes :]


this primer makes my skin feel like velvet!! its smooth and long-wearing, a gorgeous product! after a while my makeup tends to rub off no matter what i do throughout the day the first day i tried this i didn't have to do any touch ups and at 11PM when i got home it still looked amazing! i love the look, the color and the feel this product gives to your skin and i believe its perfect for all skin types and colors :D


i love this product, its gorgeous...i love the finish and the color suits me incredibly!!! the downside is the smell is such a turn off, i can stand it but eh, id rather not smell it all day, it transfer like crazy too...even hours later i can still see makeup on my hand after i touch my face, even with a setting powder which sucks, but since the color suits me so well and i love the finish i think ill be buying this again...depending on your preference and how much of the smell you can take :D

  • 7.5

i usually dislike MAC foundations for my skin, they're too yellow, too pink, too dark or too this was a relief, since my first day trying it its been my go-to foundation. its a demi-matte, buildable medium coverage foundation and literally last all day with a primer & setting powder for me!

honestly i love this brush, i use it to blend in liquid foundation (weird i know) and blush its perfect for both, so soft and i've had it for about a year and its still in perfect problems with the handle or anything breaking off so its amazing to me!


i usually love most of maybelline's eye shadows, for the price, and this one particularly blew my mind! the colors are amazing, quite a bit of fall out during application but i can work around that...the pink has a dusty texture to it, almost like a semi-pressed pigment (which is kind of strange) but i love the shimmer and glitter in all of these colors, perfect look in a small palette.

Now i heard rants and raves about this product...bought it in caramel (because im caramel in the colorstay and to my surprise its freakishly lighter -_-) and cappuccino ... im not a fan of the dewy look, or the little shimmer sparkles but i do mix it with a foundation i made, and the colorstay and it does give a nice shine to it, but with my already oily skin it breaks apart after a while...i wouldnt said its the best foundation but if you like a dewy look and find your color (since there's a select few to choose from -_-) then give it a try yourself !

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