Beauty Product Reviews

My Favorite Nail Polish

I am a skeptical person. It doesn't matter if the item costs a lot or a little, the question is..."is it quality?"

I was super satisfied to know that I got an extreme quality nail polish for a fraction of the cost of the expensive brands out there. AMAZING! I can wear these nail polishes for over a week and not a chip in sight! The color is opaque and the brushes are the flat, big painters brush. It glides on smooth and the pigment is bold. There is an array of colors and selection from soft pastel to bright and bold. I bought nearly the whole collection. I highly recommend adding this to your nail collection!

Fresh and Light

This parfum makes me feel young and bright. It has a fresh, fruity, soft scent. It's more of a daytime scent because it has a light feel to it. It lasts all day on me. I love the simple design. I love the Gucci logo that covers the bottle. It matches my Gucci handbags! The only downside I have on this product is that I finished up this parfum. I need another bottle!


Gucci. Need I say more? This is why I love Gucci, they never fail me. Gucci is my all time favorite designer. I absolutely love this parfum. When I wear it, I feel so womanly. Full of power, poise, and strength. A little goes a long way! I got the kit that has the big bottle, the body lotion and a cute purse size parfum. The packaging, the quality, everything about it is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

Sweet and Subtle

One of my favorites! It exactly how it describes it to be. Its not over-powered with flowers or fruit, but balanced with something sweet and subtle. Any age can wear this. Makes you feel softly sophisticated.

Aerosol Glitch

I purchased this product because there are days I don't have time to wash my hair after the gym. I tried a little area and it was chalky white. Although I must say, it smelled fresh! The next day, I was ready to pack it in my gym bag and the bottle was light and empty! I pushed the nozzle and nothing. I didn't feel a leak. I threw away my receipt which was not a smart idea on my behalf. So as a consumer, I gave them a call. They were able to take care of the issue for me. The unfortunate news is that I was not the first to call in and likely not the last one either.