Beauty Product Reviews

very pretty

i just really like theses glitters and it also looks great over an eyeshadow base .. aha sorry its not a good review i just really like this product :P

good for your money

the colors are really nice and they come out bright to well most of them do for ex the yellow in this palette is not bright at all but other then that really nice really nice shimmer to 20 $ for 88 colors very good i think its the first palette i purchased and i love it :)

really pretty/cool colors

i love these nails polish's because well there are alot of pretty colors to pick from and there is definitely a color of everyone! the nail polish applys real nice only really needs one coat. But some colors like th yellow you might need two or three costs. the colors last quite some time and and dont chip much. with a clear cost or sparklys it is tougher to remove with means that the color last longer so thats really nice to! i really like these nail polish's and i would recommend to others :)

This is a nice lip palette but not my favorite the colors are nice but dont show up as much as i would want them to and the colors that do are red. Because the palette has so many colors there is not much of a color so you can go thought easly. and the color does not last long on our lips. this palette could be better ... js

I really like this palette .. the winterberry palette is good for doing really nice and cute and simple make-up looks. Nice for being on the go or in a rush to get to school and you want to have some eye shadow on. The colors show up really nice the color dont come out to dark to make it look you you have to much on. The color shows up just right .. well i fine it do :)