Beauty Product Reviews

Highly recommend

As I’ve gotten older, my skin has gotten drier, and is more easily dehydrated and irritated. Commitment to an impeccable skin care regimen is key. But, even the most flawless skin can be further enhanced with artfully applied, quality cosmetics. And, for aging skin liquid and cream products can’t be beat. ABH Cream Contour Kit comes in a good variety of shades, and within each kit is a further variety of shades. They apply without pulling, blend out easily, and are easily mixed so you can blend your perfect shades. On me they last all day. I also appreciate that they are fragrance free. I prefer to apply my cream contour first, blending it out with my foundation. It enhances my features in an undetectable manner. Another great product from ABH.

Not for me

I was so excited to try IT's Super Hero Mascara, but was very disappointed. This didn't add much length or volume to my lashes. And, no matter how I apply it, it looks chunky and clumpy. I also find it flakes and ends up under my eyes. It doesn't help my lashes hold a curl, either. A total fail for me, unfortunately.

Makes life a little less messy

I'm one of those people who's always mixing product on the back of my hand. It can get a little messy. I finally decided to spring for the Paw Palette, and I'm happy I did. It's much more sanitary and clean-up is a breeze. It doesn't get in my way, either. I not only use it for my makeup, but take it with me when I do clients' makeup. It's a bit expensive for what it is, but I would still highly recommend it!


I've been obsessed with cream products lately, and I prefer clean ingredients, so I decided to give the rms cream eyeshadow a try. It's quite solid in the jar, but it's still easy to apply without tugging at the delicate eye area. Highly pigmented with an almost 'wet' sheen that really lights up my eyes. I wear it on top of an eye primer and don't have any problems with creasing, even after 10 hours of wear. It can be a one-&-done eye shadow, or you can create a complete look by deepening the crease and outer eye. I also love the glass packaging. A little goes a long way, so you actually get a fair amount of product for the money. I'll be ordering more colours!!!

You won't find a better, high quality toner at such a great price!

I've been using Bioderma micellar waters for many years and loving them (started with Sensibio, am now addicted to Hydrabio). I was watching Gothamista on YouTube and she was demonstrating the Korean 7-Skin method. In a later video she mentioned how well Bioderma Hydrabio Toner works for this method, so I decided to try it. I have incredibly dry, sensitive, dehydrated skin and this toner is BRILLIANT! It doesn't irritate my skin (not even my eye area), and doesn't strip my skin or leave it feeling tight or angry. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, plump, calm, and ready for my essence, serum, oil, and moisturizer. My only one complaint is that it does have a faint fragrance, and I prefer not to have any fragrance in my skin care products. But, that being said, since it works so beautifully without any irritation whatsoever, I'm going to continue using it. And, the price is fantastic, too!!!

Simply the best

As a professional MUA I've come to rely on Parian Spirit. It's so quick and easy to use, and not only cleans all my makeup brushes thoroughly and gently, but disinfects them, too. And, best of all, even my densest brushes, like my Artis foundation brushes, are dry and ready to use again in 5 - 10 minutes at the most! It works on both synthetic and natural bristle brushes. I have a LOT of expensive natural bristle brushes and Parian Spirit cleans and conditions the hairs gently and thoroughly. It leave behind a faint and pleasant citrus scent, too!

This is GOLD in a bottle!

I first discovered Bioderma many, many years ago on a trip to France. I had to wait a very long time to get it here. I'm 55 with dry, sensitive, dehydrated skin. I had started off with Sensibio, which got me hooked on micellar water cleansers. I've tried Garnier. L'Oreal, Sephora Collection, and Koh Gen Do. I have to say that Bioderma Hydrabio is THE BEST. It's so gentle, yet it cuts through all my makeup, and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and calm. I love the Koh Gen Do, but why spend more than twice the money when Hydrabio is every bit as fantastic? As for the other brands, they just don't compare. I cleanse with Hydrabio in the morning, and use it as my first cleanse (followed by a cleansing balm and a gentle, low pH cleanser) at night. I'll never be without Bioderma Hydrabio. It's the one product in my skincare regimen that has become a non-negotiable staple.

Excellent setting powder

This powder is very finely milled, silky, invisible, and locks in my foundation without looking cakey or powdery. My only complaint is that it contains talc. Other than that, you won't find a better setting powder at a better price.


I love Jeffree's liquid lipsticks, and Doll Parts is no exception. Doll Parts is great everyday shade. It's one of the best liquid lipstick formulas out there. It's comfortable to wear (a bit drying, but they all are), doesn't transfer, crack, or wear off in any weird way. It truly lasts through almost anything - practically bullet proof!

Not the colour for me

I love Jeffree's liquid lipsticks, but Posh Spice just isn't the colour for me. Other than that, it's one of the best liquid lipstick formulas out there. It's comfortable to wear (a bit drying, but they all are), doesn't transfer, crack, or wear off in any weird way. It truly lasts through almost anything - practically bullet proof!

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