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Contour Cream Kit

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McKayla S.
Wasn't Impressed

I was so excited to try cream contour and ignored many reviews on the product thinking most were made by people who couldn't get used to cream contour. I have tried different brushes, different primers, different foundations, different setting sprays, everything I could think of to make this palette work for me and I still haven't come up with anything. The product applies just fine and is pigmented and creamy. However, blending is where trouble starts and no matter what I do, I can not avoid patchiness with this product and always find myself putting on more and more product almost as though I was completely rubbing it off while blending. Next time, I know better.

Emma U.
Great! But...

I love it!! It goes on well, blends out pretty easily, and stays on for a long time. The only things I don't like about it is that I'm extremely pale. so I can't use the two darker shades (but that's my skin tone, so it probably doesn't matter to a lot of ppl) and even though it stays on all day and doesn't get wiped off my clothes, it does feel slightly sticky even when I set it. Overall great palette. Just a tad bit sticky and a lil dark for me.

Haruka G.
Needs Practice but like it

I used the Beauty Blender to blend the cream I put over my foundation. I found it a bit hard to blend but it all means it doesn’t move around the face too much which will create a muddy face. The two lighter shades are almost identical in the pan but they have yellow/pink tone to each of them. Haven’t used the shimmer/clear-ish tone yet, but it looks like it could be used as a cream high light. I am a pale skinned Asian with neutral undertone skin and fair was perfect for me. I’d say I wear NC15 for MAC foundations and use one of the lightest shades available in Asia so the fair palette suit me just fine.

Nicole A.

If you can use more than 2 colors in this palette, this would be a pretty good value considering you are getting 3 contour and 3 highlight shades. However, I can only use one highlight shade and one contour (maybe two if I have a tan). If your skin tone varies throughout the year, you will get more use out of this. The formula is not that easy to blend on my skin. I have to add a drop of face oil to the cream before applying it or directly to my brush or beauty blender. This seems to help it blend better. I also found using this under my foundation helps it blend better and look more natural and prevents the dragging of the contour cream from disrupting my foundation. Nothing is more frustrating than when you spend so much time applying a flawless base and it gets moved around/disrupted by another product! I have combo/dry skin so in winter months, I try to avoid powder products and stick to more cream products but considering I cannot use most of these and have a difficult time getting them to blend, I will not be repurchasing. Overall, this is a okay product once you get used to applying and find what works best for you.

Angel W.
Perfect for the fairest of us all!

The creams are amazing!!! They blend well, and aren't sticky at all! So many pallets today have warm undertones, so finding a cool toned one proved really tricky! I am so thrilled with this pallet, I can't wait to keep working it! I absolutely recommend it if you have fair skin with cool tones!

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Lori C.
Not a Skimpy Pallet
Photo of product included with review by Lori C.

I watched may tutorials on this product before I purchased it and finally went in for the purchase and I was shocked at how BIG this Pallet is. You do have to Play around with it and get familiar with these colors and at first I was just using the colors just the way they are out of the Pallet well they are a bit DRY so I took the advice on one of the tutorials I watched and purchased Maracuja Oil all you need is a drop and let me tell you it made all the difference these colors went on like a dream after that and blended Amazing, it was like Day and Night, the difference. Another thing You Need the Right Tools for this Pallet I use Multiple Brushes and a Blending Sponge You Need them ALL. I have Literally Used Every Color in this Pallet and I have actually used it with No Foundation as well. Its just a Beautiful Contour Kit but You Really Have to Learn How to Use it. My Suggestion is Watch the Tutorials Many of Them and Invest in some Tools, (Brushes).

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Susen F.
Highly recommend

As I’ve gotten older, my skin has gotten drier, and is more easily dehydrated and irritated. Commitment to an impeccable skin care regimen is key. But, even the most flawless skin can be further enhanced with artfully applied, quality cosmetics. And, for aging skin liquid and cream products can’t be beat. ABH Cream Contour Kit comes in a good variety of shades, and within each kit is a further variety of shades. They apply without pulling, blend out easily, and are easily mixed so you can blend your perfect shades. On me they last all day. I also appreciate that they are fragrance free. I prefer to apply my cream contour first, blending it out with my foundation. It enhances my features in an undetectable manner. Another great product from ABH.

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Marty S.

Haven't had too much time to play with it just yet, but I've used it for personal cosmetic purposes and for sfx makeup application...goes on incredibly smooth and is super easy to blend.

I bought this with the Anastasia powder contouring kit for setting purposes, and I could not be happier with my purchase. <3

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Sam B.
Glides on smooth & very blendable!

This is cream contour and the Cover FX cream contour are my favorite palettes! It is so creamy and glides on smoothly and blends so easily. You can use it with with a blending brush or beauty sponge. The only downfall is it dries up fairly fast and you have to drop in from beauty oil to get it creamy again. If not, it will to glide on and blend as easily. It'll blend out pretty patchy. You also get a lot of product for the price!

rei h.
Perfect when you know how to use it

I think this product is amazing and perfect for most of the skin type. I wouldn't recommend it to skin prone to acne or which has very obvious acne because it might make them more obvious and the best way to use it might also create more breakout. Also THIS PRODUCT IS BEST USED WITH OIL (there is plenty on info. on how to use cream product to contour) if not used with oil it might look chalky and smh unnatural and it will be very hard to blend. Best USE WITH A BEATY BLENDER and I really do recommend watching this video to perfect blend and I hope it will help (

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