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Beauty Product Reviews

Best Hairspray

This is the best hairspray I think I have ever used. It's not to sticky and it has a very strong hold to it. I'm from a windy state so I really need a hairspray that keeps my hair in place, and this one does! It also doesn't have a real strong smell to it, which I like. I will recommend this to anyone, and I also use this product on anyone's hair that I do.

Love It

I don't normally just buy different things for my face, usually I try and stick to what I know works for me. But when I saw this and the ingredients in it, and the fact that it was only $1 I decided to try it. And I'm so glad I did! It works better then some of my more expensive face cleaner. It does tingles on picked spots or a freshly cleaned face, so I take that as a sign that it's working! It doesn't completely take zits away, but there is no full proof way to do that. But it does help tremendously. All in all totally worth the buck :)


I adore this lipgloss. Usually I don't tend to wear lipgloss, let alone pink gloss. But this gloss really surprised me. It has a great taste to it which I appreciate. Also it has a lot of shine to it with just a touch of color. The color does tend to fade after about 30 minutes, but the gloss stays for about an hour. Honestly I think it's one of the best glosses I have, and I have a ton.

Worth It

I really like this product. It cleans all of my brushes and my beautyblender in no time. All you need is a dime sized amount depending on what you're cleaning. It takes off any stains I might have on any of my brushes and sponges. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell. It really doesn't have the best smell. But hey? If it cleans my stuff the way I need it clean, then I'll be good!


The BeautyBlender is absolutely amazing. I used to use brushes to do foundation, until I saw this being sold at one of the best spas in my area. I got it just to try it out and I absolutely adored it. You can use it dry for a matte application or wet for a dewy look. Either way it works great. I've had mine for at least six months and apart from foundation stains it's showing no wear and tear. It gives great coverage and your foundation looks flawless. It is a definite must have!!

I love this colour!!! I have never worn a lipstick before and I saw this one in a issue of Seventeen and the color looked so fun on the model, I just had to try it! And I'm so glad I did. I've fallen in love with this color. It adds such a modern twist to the regular red lips. It only takes a few swipes each time I wear it, and it lasts quite a while which I love. And it doesn't have that lipsticky taste that some do. All in all I think that its a great investment and definitely worth the money<3

I have two of these colors, the peach one and then the really dark berry looking one. I went in and bought one because I had seen sooo many adds for them that I finally decided to try them. And with all the things they were saying they did, I had to see if it was true. And it is!! These work so good, and they are perfect for going to the pool and having some slight color on your lips. I never go anywhere now without my Baby Lips!

I bought the blue one and I think that the wand is a little to long to control but it has great shimmer and the colour is incredible! It lasts for quite a while and I found that with my skin it kind of tattooed it and the colour soaked in a lasted for at least 2 days. But all in all I think that they are a great way to express you creativity and have fun. Oh! And they look fun on lips too!<3