Bedhead by TIGI

Hard Head Hard Hold Hairspray


Anna J.
Best hairspray ever!!!

I love this hairspray so much. It held through the whole day. It dosent smell that bad and it brushes out really easily. It dosent make your hair sticky either.

Eustacia W.
Best Hairspray

This is the best hairspray I think I have ever used. It's not to sticky and it has a very strong hold to it. I'm from a windy state so I really need a hairspray that keeps my hair in place, and this one does! It also doesn't have a real strong smell to it, which I like. I will recommend this to anyone, and I also use this product on anyone's hair that I do.

Cassandra M.
great for teasing hair

This is a great, strong hold hairspray. It works amazingly for teasing your hair, or holding a style in place all day long. It is extremely strong but it doesn't make your hair look or feel super crunchy and stiff, and I haven't noticed it flake throughout the day. I would not recommend this as an everyday hairspray just to spritz fly away hairs and such with, it's definitely a better hair spray for styling your hair and keeping it in place!

Erin H.

This is my favorite hair spray. I use it every day. I have been in windy situations before and my hair stayed in place. I also used it all the time at the salon that I worked at.

Ashley M.

This is my all time favorite hair spray. It holds your hair on place very well without breing too stiff. It's a good hair spray for volume and teasing your hair as well. It smells good and it doesn't flake off in your hair either.

Ashley M.

This stuff is amazing. I live in a place where it's like all the elements conspire to ruin your hairstyle. If you're into teasing your hair, you seriously need a can of this. No amount of wind or humidity will flatten your hair.