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Overrated and cheated

I find this product to be more of a trend product than a cult product. For some reason, these have become extremely popular and more of a fashion statement than an aid for dry lips.

I feel like most of these beauty brand lipcare products don't do as great a job as caring for your lips as people might believe. If you really want a decent lip balm you're going to have to look for a skincare line that is really devoted into helping your skin, one that puts years of research into putting the best products for you into the products.

I also feel cheated by the packaging of the product. Sure, the orb looks cool but how great is it if you arent able to use the second half of the product because you cant get access to it because theres no twist? Its a waste of product for the company, and it shows proof in laziness over the packaging.

Dazzling color!

From the second I first saw this on the Too Faced website I knew it was something for me! I love me a good vibrant lip product, and I think that's something everyone can benefit from, theres no better feeling than an outstanding lip shade.

The application is such a breeze! It has a sponge tip aplicator and it is in a squeeze tube, allowing you to be in control of the amount of product coming out. I feel the sponge tip is very ergonomic, you can really get in there which is great especially for the cupids bow. The benefit of the curvy sponge tip is that you can really get into corners, mastering your cupids bow and getting in the hard to reach areas that are difficult to get with a typical lipstick.

From the second you apply it, it becomes very very matte. Unlike some other liquid lipsticks that start out wet-ish and dry matte, these ones are very matte from the start. The best comparison I can give to this is that of the Mac retro matte lipsticks, they both have the qualities of really setting in and becoming one with your lips. The look and vibrancy it gives is off the charts. It stays on much longer than most lipstick, and it takes the tiniest bit to give the greatest amount of pigment. The downside however, is that it is very drying. I have insanely dry lips, and I've always been a lover of liquid lipstick so its a sacrifice, but I can't help but feel like this product sucks the moisture out of my lips.

It does, however last a very very long time. I can easily go a day with one coat. Its great for someone who isn't too worried about drying and wants to get a great, flawless lip in one quick go.

Lastly, I love the packaging. I think having a different look really grabs attention. We get sick of the same boring look, I think its just human to see a pretty or unfamiliar packaging and have the lightbulb go off in our heads. I like how the packaging shows the vibrancy and how easy it is to tell from each color as well.

Overall, this is a staple for me!! I'm dying to try some more colors!

like the packaging, it stand

My go to gloss!!

Clear out your gloss shelf, because this one is sure to blow anything you've ever tried out of the water!

I have this in 'nude candy' and i have to say that this is one of my favorite glosses ever. The extremely reasonable price tag ($1.25) makes it pretty much a steal. I like pairing it on top of a lipstick, they're sheer enough to wear the, on top or alone. I also didnt notice any unwanted taste or smell. The applictor wand is also very interesting, its that of a doe foot applicator, but it is straight. I find myself having to blend with my (clean) fingers because the applicator isnt the best to navigate to your lip shape. Other than that it is a truly great product i would recommend it before i would recommend stay with me.

Unnecessary product

From the first glance, it looks like a great item. Cute packaging, nice color, amazing smell. But when you really look at it and use it, all it is is fabricated sugar in a jar with a $9 price tag.

I love lush and im a huge believe in pampering yourself, but you can do the same for virtually no price. If you take some essential oils, food coloring, and sugar voila, you've got your own lip scrub.

In my opinion it is an extremely uncessesary product, and i cant think of anybody who would actually benefit from it. I would not buy it nor recommend it.

Best of the best!

Ill begin by saying this is one of my favourite lip stains of all time, and it was an amazing plus that i got hooked on these during the studio 50% off sale!

The color payoff you get with these is beyond amazing, it has rich pigmentation to really give your lips the 'wow' factor.

They truly do last for so long, i can go through an entire day without reapplying which is great for the girl on the go.

The only thing i dont like about this is the color selection. I think there should be much more bolder colors its such an amazing formula that i would love to see a wide variety!

Candy yes yes!

Loooove it!! It really brightens up any outfit!! Its so bright and vibrant and fun and summery!!! And the formula is beyond amazing this got me addicted to mac lipsticks!!

NO to cucumbers!

The smell is naaasty. Im really not sensitive to smell, but this one was just really gross. I really could not stand the smell of it. Its very strong, and it smells like artificial cucumber not real cucumber

Good starting kit

If you're starting out with lashes these are perfect! And they're super cheap so you can get a bunch of backup pairs to try out without breaking the bank so its the best of both worlds!

It doesnt get better than this

The best lash glue out their! You really cant do any better than this. And you cant beat the price or quality, which is a major plus! Everyone should use this

one of my first makeup products ever!

I remember using this for my dance recital when i was 5! I loved my mom putting it on me. And then when i was in grade 2 i was in a play and i thought it was amazing how it was called anabelle, and that was also my characters name!

Anyways, this gives me good memorie :)

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