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Nov 9, 2014

Brianna M.

Thank you so much!! I will check that site out now!

Nov 5, 2014

Kat A.

How'd midterms go? I'm doing pretty good. just having a financial setback because my bfs car is a piece of crap lol. I swear it's been in the shop at least 3-4 times already. I'm really hoping he'll be able to trade it in to get a reliable one. oh & my friend just moved back, she has a daughter a few months younger than Niko so I'm really excited to have some play dates! how was your Halloween? :)

Oct 28, 2014

Kat A.

Hey girl. sorry for the late reply. how have you been? :)

Oct 13, 2014

Kat A.

Oh I understand. I'm so small it's hard to find stuff that fits the way it's supposed to. mostly pants, long dresses, or a top that requires boobage lol. my problem isn't finding things I like, it's choosing what I actually need! I'm such an impulse buyer. then I hardly wear what I buy because I have nothing to match or I feel like I'll look too fancy haha.

Oct 2, 2014

Kat A.

No problem, gorgeous. I love helping out :)

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