Beauty Product Reviews

Started using this BB cream about 2 months ago and so far I am liking it! I don't go up to far underneath my eyes though, because I have found that my eyes start to water! So I apply my regular foundation underneath my eyes and blend in with where I stopped and it blends in so well! I highly recommend this to anyone who like a natural coverage!

This had a HUGE brush and everytime I would apply it would get pretty much every where, NOT a fan! Also didnt think it made my lashes look scandalous as I thought it would. For the price I don't think I would re purchase.

I just got this about a month ago and I love it. A little goes along way. I apply above my cheek bone after applying my blush and contour color. So when i've used this product I have gotten so many compliments! So its a recommended product to add to ones collection!

Bought this instead of Lash Blast (last one was dry) I am loving this Mascara it gave me the Volume I was looking for. A Must have in your bag! Deff will purchase again!

My Babes got me this past weekend, I love it.. Smells soft, not over bearing. It smells Yummy so great for office spaces! It reminds me of a bush full of gardenia's that just bloomed! I recommend this fragrance especially if you work next to ppl who don't like a whole lot of smells.