Beauty Product Reviews

I had never tried a set powder before, so it was about time! And of course I had to get MAC's. I feel you get a good amount of product for your money, actually, even though it might not seem that way! Cause you really don't need much with this. It has a velvety matte finish and sheer-light coverage, so it doesn't feel so dry and doesn't add on to all the make-up you already have - And of course it's clear! Though can maybe look a little light on a very dark skin tone, I would imagine? I've mostly used this on my boyfriend's band, who I've done theatrical and dramatic make-up on for their concerts - And it stayed on pretty well! It was always a crisis if I forgot to bring make-up wipes, hahah! So yeah, this is a product that's good for everyone who wants their make-up to stay on for a little longer, and so easy to use! Just dip a big fluffly brush (like the 150) into the lid of it and work the product in there a little, and dust all over your face!

You can't be a MAC lover without owning this! It's one of their most famous products, and is a must have in your make-up bag. If you're not familiar with it, it's a soft intense black pencil. I wouldn't really recommend it if you're a person who likes a thin line of black eyeliner, cause this doesn't stay sharp for long because of the tenderness of the kohl and gives you more of a thicker line. Great for the waterline and tightlining, though! I would recommend maybe using an angled brush (like the 266) to apply it if you want a more controlled and more precise line - And then setting it with a powder to prevent it from smudging, if you don't like that look, as this is obviously an easy to smudge pencil. But yeah, I can not imagine myself living without this.

I have tried so many different highlight colors, none of them satisfying me entirely. I was afraid to try this one, because I thought it would be too white and bright. But it actually wasn't! It's described as a matte vivid white - But it doesn't have to be that way. It's totally buildable, so if you just use a fluffy brush, you don't need to get that bright effect, and still have the focus remain on the actual look. And since it's matte, it goes with basically everything! It also works as a base eyeshadow, like maybe if you want the colors you're gonna use on top pop out even more! I have used this under yellow, orange and red, worked great! It really made a difference. So I really recommend this for everyone!

I bought this along with Rule eyeshadow, thinking that they would look great together - Which they did. They blended nicely into eachother, so if you need another color to match this, get that one! It's a pinky-coral with pink shimmer, a really beautiful color, with a name that fits - It gives a really japanese cherryblossom tree feeling when used right! It's also a satin, so it's really wonderful, and compatible with lots of other colors, without being too strong and overpowering. I have nothing more to say; it's perfect! And I don't even like pink that well!

I love bright and crazy colors, so of course I had to get this one! It's a warm, vivid matte orange color, perfect for bright looks, but not acid neon bright - You may need to look elsewhere for that. I think it's a really nice and bright orange color, and I'm probably gonna use it a lot for warm, not so natural looks. But the looks doesn't have to be extreme to use this - When used right, it can look pretty good! It's all about experimenting. I also love the fact that it's matte! Orange doesn't need shimmer or anything, it's great on it's own.

I heard a lot about Vanilla Pigment, but I prefer pressed eyeshadows, so I wanted to try this one! It's a velvet finish eyeshadow that is peachy-ivory with reflects, so it's nice as a highlight color for matte looks. Sadly not for me, as I have pretty yellow skin, so it doesn't really match my skin at all. I would rather recommend this for people with fair pink-toned skin! I hope I can find other uses for it, without looking ridiculous.

I'm not a blush girl, but I wanted to try out MAC's blushes - I already have Harmony, but I can only use that as a contour since it's so dark, so I needed to a more cheek-friendly color! But I'm still a girl that's not afraid to wear color (but not on my cheeks since it's looks so unnatural.. I don't blush naturally) so I got this! It's a bright pinkish-coral blush in a satin finish - Perfect for my dry skin, it glides on wonderfully. As you probably can tell, it's a very bright color, so you have to be careful with it - One light stroke with lots of tapping of the brush goes a long way! Otherwise you'll look like a clown. It's a really great blush to have; use a light coat for fairer skin, and build it up for darker skin tones! Really recommend this lovely blush.

I have very dry skin, and since I already found MAC's powders to be nice, I had to try their liquid foundation as well! I didn't want the Studio Fix Fluid, so I got this one, for normal to dry skin. It's supposed to give you a smooth, satin-finish with a low-to-medium buildable coverage with a slightly luminous look and is long-wearing. I actually find it to be exactly what it says to be! My dry skin gets a smooth finish and nice glow and evened-out skintone! I'm used to low coverage, but this really does the trick when I want to cover my face some more and glow a little. And I have never found it to wear off! And the SPF 15 is just a nice bonus! Can be a little streaky when applied with a 190 brush though, so I recommend using a latex sponge.

I'm not a mascara girl - I don't use a lot of it, I don't really need it. But I decided to try out MAC's mascaras, to see if they worked out for me, cause I've heard bad things about them. So I went for Pro Lash. It's supposed to give you long, thick lashes with no flaking and no smudging. This is seriously the best mascara I have every tried! I get beautiful, long, separated lashes without clumps! And no flaking or smudging whatsoever! Totally satisfied with this one. I just checked the US MAC website, but I couldn't find it. Is it discontinued over there? Found it on the UK site. In Norway we actually have a few discontinued products like the 311 lip brush, so maybe this isn't available anywhere else anymore? If that's the case, that's really too bad! I'll just have to see if I can find another MAC mascara that gives me the same effect.

I actually bought this because I thought it would look good as a cheek highlight! As a highlighter, I think it's really good - Just a hint, applied with a big, soft brush and it's perfect! Eyeshadow-wise I don't like it as much. I have yellow undertones in my skin, and I don't feel it suits me very well on the eyes. I don't know if I apply too much, use the wrong tool or my base doesn't work with it, but I feel it's WAY too bright and shimmery and difficult to blend, but that's just me. Otherwise, it's a decent shade, and it's worth a try.