Eye Kohl


Shelley W.
Never Doubt Teddy

At first I was on the fence about this shade as it swatched with a red undertone against my nc45 skintone. So I left it behind and bought another liner. What a huge mistake!!! After consulting with a few BL members I was informed it would perfect on me. So a few hours later back to the counter I went. And they were 110% correct. Beautiful shade that makes my eyes POP!! Smudged gives me a quick look that will be great for those mornings I gotta dash out. Definitely will repurchase.

Nur A.

While it's extremely pigmented and looks extremely gorgeous if you're going for an Indian/Egyptian look, this product is definitely not smudge proof. Forget crying, this product cannot even withstand heat. As a result, you've got to look out for raccoon eyes.

It doesn't last the whole day so be prepared to carry the product with you for a touch up.

It's also pretty expensive for an eyeliner even for something from MAC. I do love it, but I wish it was better. I won't repurchase it.

Ashton W.
Not the best, not the worst

For a pencil these work pretty well. They are somewhat creamy/waxy so they do to tend to smudge after a while. With that said, they are GREAT for the smokey eye! Me personally i like clean precise lines and I hate when my eyeliner smudges or clumps up into the corners. I recommend the Fluidline or Liquidline over these, especially if you're going to be using it on your water line. BUT the browns are GREAT to use as a cream contour. I always use a cream contour before using a powder to set it and I was working an event when I realized by normal cream contouring wheel was missing. I used this instead and seriously haven't stopped using it as such since!!! It blends AMAZINGLY well into skin and has the perfect shades for every skin tone!

Emma Kirstine K.
Lots of product, good color, very good liner

I never use liner in the water line, so my opinion is stated, from using it on the upper lash line and beneeth the lower lashes. On my eyes it lasts all day long. I have had this since february, and I have used it a ton, is so easy, a true no-brainer to use every day. This is standard for my everyday looks, because it always look good. Heavily applied or just drawn along the upper lash line. A must for every girl. Lovely product.

Caroline C.

You can't be a MAC lover without owning this! It's one of their most famous products, and is a must have in your make-up bag. If you're not familiar with it, it's a soft intense black pencil. I wouldn't really recommend it if you're a person who likes a thin line of black eyeliner, cause this doesn't stay sharp for long because of the tenderness of the kohl and gives you more of a thicker line. Great for the waterline and tightlining, though! I would recommend maybe using an angled brush (like the 266) to apply it if you want a more controlled and more precise line - And then setting it with a powder to prevent it from smudging, if you don't like that look, as this is obviously an easy to smudge pencil. But yeah, I can not imagine myself living without this.

Chrissy S.
Super sharp and hard to apply!

It might be because the eyeliner was a bit old, but my eyeliner was very hard even after I sharped it multiple times (talk about waste of product), which can be a problem when applying it to your waterline. I totally almost stabbed my eyeball out with it! Hopefully this was just a bad experience with an older eyeliner and doesn't happen to anyone else.

Mandy J.

I have used this eyeliner and I do like it but it is not my favorite. The one thing I did not like is that it faded too fast. That was the one thing I did not like.

Rosa S.

I use this everyday, but if I do not set it with a powder it usually smudges and gets under my eyes giving me the raccoon look. I've had it for a couple months now and still have plenty left, but it gets annoying having to sharpen it when it gets dull. I'm going to get the fluid line next time I'm at the store.. :/

Marie M.
My fave brown!

i do really love this brown! i wish it was a bit warming to bring out my eyes more but i love the smokey feel it gives! these liners are soft and just lovely to use :)

Myrna P.

I have smolder and have had it for over a year. Part of that is because I am trying new liners. This one is pretty good and I honestly have no complaints about it. I do have to say that I like Stila liners better though. I will always have one of these though.