Pro Lash


Caroline C.

I'm not a mascara girl - I don't use a lot of it, I don't really need it. But I decided to try out MAC's mascaras, to see if they worked out for me, cause I've heard bad things about them. So I went for Pro Lash. It's supposed to give you long, thick lashes with no flaking and no smudging. This is seriously the best mascara I have every tried! I get beautiful, long, separated lashes without clumps! And no flaking or smudging whatsoever! Totally satisfied with this one. I just checked the US MAC website, but I couldn't find it. Is it discontinued over there? Found it on the UK site. In Norway we actually have a few discontinued products like the 311 lip brush, so maybe this isn't available anywhere else anymore? If that's the case, that's really too bad! I'll just have to see if I can find another MAC mascara that gives me the same effect.