Beauty Product Reviews

pedicure in a bar

My FAVE message bar, smells absolutely amazing and is nice and silky- I use this to get the "just had a pedicure" look for my legs :] Love this product soo much and the smell lasts, but isn't overpowering

best scrub on the market!

smells amazing. (sort of like a cocktail) The salt in it is not as harsh as you would expect. It gently exfoliates and leaves your skin as soft as a babies butt lol

makes nails awesome!

This product smells delish! and works fantastically. It moisturizes cuticles(or any super dry area) and makes your nails stronger, and I found that my nails are growing more too :] you only need a TINY bit when you use it


This is by far the best balm I've EVER used and trust me, I've used tons! I love all the scents with the exception of the lavender vanilla(not bad just not my kinda lip scent) This product is essential for any beauty lover or just any human being! haha It moisturizes without leaving you lips with a coating over them ( making it very easy to put on lipstick shortly after applying)

like, maybe love

def. one of my favorite top coats, it dries super fast and is really shiny. The one downside is if you apply it to thick it has a tendency to chip or make the colored polish pull back from the edge of the nail. Overall its a really nice top coat though

love it!

I FINALLY got my hands on the NAKED pallet and I'm so psyched that I did! it's such good quality eye shadow with versatile textures that allows you to create TONS of looks!

I don't want to even think about what'll happen when I eventually hit pan....hope it'll still be around! lol