Beauty Product Reviews

This is by far one of my most favorite palettes (no wonder everyone raves about it). I use it in almost all of my daily looks. It has great bright colors to highlight your tear duct to make your eyes stand out! The NAKED 1 palette has more of the softer shades and the NAKED 2 has the darker natural colors. If you love pigmented shadows & have a lighter skin tone I would recommend that the NAKED 1 is a good choice for you. Say you want to look natural but you still want people to tell you are wearing make up than you have found your perfect match! The NAKED 1 helps dark eye colors pop. I would definitely say pick this palette up, it is worth every penny.

This product is a great buy and totally worth the cost!! I think it's worth the cost because a little bit goes a long way! Plus it's an EXFOLIATOR, meaning over exfoliating will cause irritation on most skin types. It makes your skin so soft and it smells wonderful. read more of our review here:

This is by far the best fragrance that Juicy Couture has. If you like a sweet flowery smell it is perfect for you! I also love the design of the bottle, very classy & cute.

It's cute

I love the color, I mean who doesn't like pink! It heats up pretty fast when you're on high setting, but I have thick hair so it takes a while to dry. I've had other hair dryers but the downside of this one is that even on the high setting it doesn't have much force, for instance it just blows kind of slow.

- Amy


It smells so clean and fresh, and people of all ages can wear it! It just makes you feel refreshed when you spray it on and I love it! The packaging is super cute, bonus!

This lip balm is so cute, fits in your purse and so easy to spot! Although, it looks weird if you put it in your pocket. They makes your lips super soft, but exfoliating before using the balm makes them even softer! Great product!