Beauty Product Reviews

Best eye cream/serum

I know i'm young and don't need an eye cream but it's good to prevent pre mature aging right? I recieved a deluxe sample of this product in an estee lauder set i bought. I put it under my eyes that night and in the morning my dark circles were completely gone. i was amazed! after a week of use i noticed these small wrinkle like things by my eyes had disapeared. that's when i fell in love with this eye treatment! it works so well and i recomend it to people young or old to either remove wrinkles or prevent pre mature aging. when i'm finished with my sample i will defenitly buy the full size.


This is one of the best eye makeup removers i have ever tried. it doesn't sting your eyes or leave anything on your skin. it takes makeup off really well except for some waterproof mascarras and eye liners. it is completely oil free and so gentle!

Great Shadows

I have my baked trio in "Baked Oatmeal" and it has three of the prettiest neutral shades. It's great for a suddle everyday look. The only thing i didn't like about this product is that the darkest brown shadow broke off. Because the shadows are made in a dome form they are easily breakable, and mine just happened to break off. I still love the shadow colours though. The price can be a little expensive for a drugstore product but i'd say the shadows are very good quality for your money.


Deep Throat is one of my favourite NARS blushes! it's highly pigmented and stays on all day. It's a shimmery peachy.coraly pink. The shimmer does show up on your cheeks but it just adds the most beautiful glow! I apply this blush with a stippling brush or even my regular blush brush, but watch how much you apply since these are HIGHLY pigmented. The packaging is very sleek and compact. I recoment NARS blushes to anyone! they're the most pigmented blushes i have ever tried.

Nice, but doesn't last the longest...

I've had my NARS sheer matte foundation for about 4-5 months and i've really enjoyed it! it can look cakey sometimes if you apply too much which sucks, but it has good coverage for people with not too many breakouts. it evens out my skin tone and matches my skin perfectly! Though it doesn't last very long compared to the sheer glow foundation. This foundation can be a little tricky to get out of the bottle, so you have to shake it before pouring out. I don;t like how it doesn't have a pump because i feel like i waste so much product. The price is pretty high but i'd say if you have the money give it a try! it's a good oil free foundation. I recomend this one to people who are specifically looking for an oil free foundation but other than that go for the sheer glow instead!