Beauty Product Reviews


This is my go to mascara for everyday! It separates, lifts, and always leave my lashes clean and fresh looking. For night if I want a bit more dramatic look, I'll use this first then apply Maybelline falsies to the tips to give it some length. everyone always thinks I have fake lashes on cause they explode :D

I always wanted to try a dry shampoo so my sister got some of this for me. I hated this stuff! It did nothing for my hair, didn't take away any of the oil and left a terrible smell. I'll just stick to washing my hair everyday.

I got this to try since my friend was ranting and raving about it (Chris D. in the vid above) so I decided to order some. I'm not a huge fan of powers cause I in general just really love liquid foundation. But I do like to use this if I'm in a super hurry for some easy quick coverage :)

Must have!!!

Hands down my favorite liner!!! When I first started to use eyeliner I had the maybelline express liquid liner and I LOVED it... then to find out it had been discontinued! So after many years of buying it off ebay a friend told me about this one. I was iffy at first cause I am really picky about the applicator. So I tried it and OMG I was in heaven! It was almost exactly like the express liner! The handle on this is a bit longer. But the tip makes it so easy to apply. When I only have 5 mins to do my face I grab this and mascara. This liner is absolutely perfect for beginners and the wear lasts all day.!!


I am absolutely obsessed with these! I use them ALL the time! They're really nice for whipping my hair up quick and hold/stay all day. I also like to use them when my hair is damp in the morning, twist and roll into a bun. By the end of the work day you can take it out and you have super cute soft waves for the night. :)


Hands down my all time favorite liner!!! I used to use Maybelline express liner and was completely devastated that they discontinued it... I ended up buying it off ebay in bulk. A friend told me about this and I about cried I was so happy it was like the express liner!!

This stuff works like a dream! I can put liner on within 20 seconds and it looks perfect, crisp, and doesnt smudge!!

This is a must have and GREAT for beginners!!

This gel is AMAZING!!! It's the best exfoliating product I've ever used! Others tend to dry out my skin, but Cure leaves my skin soft and smooth. It is a bit pricey but it lasts a long time! Totally worth it!