Beauty Product Reviews


I LOVE this concealer! This product is one of my holy grails and I cannot go outside without applying some of the erase paste under my eyes where I have all my gross dark circles! I've had the same erase paste for 5-6 months and I still have a lot left! You don't have to pound on the concealer because it is very opaque and pigmented. It will get the job done! I absolutely love it and will continue to use this concealer in the future >:)



I have to say, I was first a little skeptical towards the Revlon Lip Butters but after reading and watching so many reviews from the great Beauty Gurus, I went out to try some. I'M GLAD I DID! These lip butters are so moisturizing and pigmented! (some aren't) the brighter colors such as tutti frutti and fruit tart are my favorites! Sometimes, lipsticks start to crack and just doesn't satisfy you throughout the day but these lip butters are perfect! They feel like an ordinary lip balm except that it's so much more than that -- It serves as both a lip stick and moisturizer!

Please go do yourself a favor and try them out! You will love them :) Love, ANGELLiE

Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser

Ange and I purchased the 32 oz Purity Facial Cleanser two weeks ago from Sephora along with the Clarasonic Mia and boy is it AWESOME! Ever since I've started using this facial cleanser, my skin has been super soft and radiant! The cleanser itself lets off a wonderful, spa-like scent and it really, purely cleanses your face. You can instantly feel your face becoming softer and cleaner! I highly, highly recommend this product for those of you who are looking into facial cleansers! Also, this cleanser works super well with the Clarisonic Mia or Mia 2. Please give this a try! You won't regret it :)