Beauty Product Reviews


I purchased this for the first time last year when I visited Canada. I quickly fell in love with it and knew I should have purchased more... Thankfully I ran out just as Beautylish started selling it!! I ordered it the second it went on sale and still should have ordered more than I did. So thankful Beautyllish is carrying this now! For everyone who already loves it but can't get it easily or for those who have always wanted to try it. It's truly amazing!! Takes off makeup gently, does not burn your eyes. It's a great, unique product. I highly recommend to everyone who wears makeup.

GEMS! Crazy amazing glitter polish!

I have Gems, which is the multi colored one and it's crazy! It's one of, if not the best multi-colored glittered polishes out there by far. It's cheap and not limited edition either, which cant be said for a lot of the other polishes that look like this one! Check out my review and comparison to other polishes that look similar here...

My Favorite!!

I was getting low on my bottle of this so before I ran out I repurchased this because it's all I use to take off my eye and lip makeup on a daily basis. My biggest issue has always been trying to find a makeup remover that won't sting my eyes because most cloths and removers are scented and even if they claim not to be they still sting my eyes and I can't deal with that. That's what I love about Clinique and this product especially, not only is it 100% fragrance free but it doesn't sting my eyes at all! Plus it does what it's supposed to do and removes all my eye makeup. You need to shake it up good because it's an oil based remover so there will be residue left on your skin after you use it. I use it on a cotton ball, one per eye and I use both sides of the ball, you don't need that much product. But, when I'm wearing mascara I go over the lashes again with a fresh cotton ball with the makeup remover on it to make sure I got it all and I haven't had any problems at all. You do need to rise your face after you use it because, like I said it will leave a silky, oily, residue but I'd do that and expect that from any remover I use.

Overall I love this and if you have sensitive eyes or are sensitive to scents I would give Clinique a try for sure!! Also, about the price, you get a lot of product, and there are always free gifts with purchases in places like Macys, Boscovs,Bloomingdales, or Nordstrom so check your local counter or online for that.

Great product!!

I've repurchased this many many times and will continue to due so! I love that this is 98.7% natural and that it is a towelette so it's good for your skin and you can see that your makeup is actually coming off. It has a nice cooling sensation on the skin and the smell is hard to explain but is fresh although I wouldn't call it cucumber. The only thing I don't like about these is that it's not an all in one facial towelette in the sense that you can't take off your eye, face, and lip makeup with this because I find that it really stings my eyes and didn't take off all my eye makeup either. I use this to take off my face makeup and it does that perfectly. It takes off all my blush, foundation and any other highlighters or spot concealers I may have on my face. It's not a one swipe and I'm done but I like to section off the towelette and my face and fold it over after I've used a section so I know I get all the makeup off. These would also be great to freshen up after the gym or a day at the beach because you don't need to wash your face after, although I do, you really don't need to. (The reason I do is because I use the other makeup remover on my eyes and that needs to be washed off.)

Overall, I feel like I'd rather put in a little extra elbow grease and use a different product as my eye and lip makeup remover than use a product with a lot of harsh chemicals that are bad for your skin. I also don't mind the smell of these, which has always been an issue with other makeup removers. Down the line I might find something that works better, but for now, this is all I use.

Jo'mina Is Amazing!

Jo'mina is an amazing bright creamy opaque purple and I adore it! Two coats is all it needs and it stayed on really well. The price point is rather high, it's one of the most expensive nail polishes i've purchased to date but it was well worth it. I'd rather invest in a high quality polish in a color I know I will get a lot of wear out of rather than buy a bunch of just okay drugstore polishes. I also did a Nail Of The Day post on my blog when I wore it if you want to see more swatches!


I can't live without this! I had never used a primer before this, and didn't think I needed to because my shadows rarely creased but, my eyeliner always smudged and I wanted to try new looks and layer colors so I tried this and fell in love. I've been using it for months now and if I forget to use it one day I can definitely notice a difference. My eyeliner staying on all day without smudging is a huge deal for me and even when I use Urban Decay 27/7 liner without this primer it just isn't as smudge proof. I haven't gotten to the point yet where I need to cut it open to get product out, but I have heard so many reviews that I know it's a flaw in the packaging, otherwise it would have gotten 5 stars. But, Nur suggests to take out the stopper before you go to drastic measures of chopping away once you think your at the end, so when I'm there I'm going to try that first!