• Favorite Drugstore Tinted Moisturizers

    Favorite Drugstore Tinted Moisturizers

    We love the sheer coverage and hydration of a tinted moisturizer—find out which sheer tints are best for summer skin and your wallet!

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  • Summer Beauty Must-Have: Hair Oils
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    Summer Beauty Must-Have: Hair Oils

    Your hair takes a beating every summer. From the hot sun's damaging UV rays to drying sea salt and chlorine, everything wonderful about the season is bad for your hair. That's why summer's a good time to try out hair oil, a styling and treatment in one that will leave your hair shiny, silky, and soft. Keep reading for pro tips on how to use hair oil without leaving your hair greasy.

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  • Splurge or Save: Eyelash Curlers

    Splurge or Save: Eyelash Curlers

    What can instantly wake up your face? An eyelash curler is an indispensable little contraption that lifts your lashes and perks up your eyes. The price range for one can be from $1 to $40, but since they all do the same thing, are they worth the splurge? Keep reading to find out!

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  • Hot for Honey!
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    Hot for Honey!

    Did you know that it takes 556 worker bees to create ONE pound of honey? Honey is the only insect by-product that humans regularly consume. Keep reading to find out why this nourishing nectar has been a staple in the beauty scene for centuries.

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  • Cocoa Cosmetics
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    Cocoa Cosmetics

    Attention choco-holics! Chocolate-laced beauty products are nothing new, but here are the latest makeup, skin care, and hair products that contain the sweet treat. Keep reading to find out which chocolate cosmetic is so pure, it's even safe to eat!

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  • Pacifica Perfume Promo Code

    Pacifica Perfume Promo Code

    For all you fragrance-philes out there, Pacifica Perfume is having a special Memorial Day weekend sale on their site! Keep reading for the discount code for these gorgeous, all-natural fragrances.

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  • 3 Ways to Rock Red, White, and Blue

    3 Ways to Rock Red, White, and Blue

    Memorial Day weekend is in full force in the States. It's always fun to get a little patriotic with your beauty, so keep reading for three unique ways to rock red, white, and blue!

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  • Bath & Body Gifts For Mom and Baby

    Bath & Body Gifts For Mom and Baby 

    Attention Beauties, are you a mom, aunt, sister, or grandmother-to-be? Beautylish has the best baby gift lineup for newborns and their hard-working moms. Keep reading for our favorite baby-approved products to gift at your next shower or birthday party!

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  • Iman Memorial Day Beauty Stash

    Iman Memorial Day Beauty Stash

    It's hard not to notice the beautiful and bodacious Iman when she steps onto the scene. Juggling the busy life of a model, actress and fashion and beauty entrepreneur, Iman is ready to relax and unwind during this upcoming Memorial weekend. She dishes to Beautylish her must have beauty products for the long weekend!

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  • Lush's New Dirty Line For Men

    Lush's New Dirty Line For Men

    The latest news from Lush Cosmetics: A men's line called Dirty launches this week—a perfect gift for Father's Day (coming up next month) or for your brother or boyfriend's graduation. And check out the innovative solid toothpaste—crunchy capsules that foam in your mouth!

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  • Memorial Day Beauty Survival Kit

    Memorial Day Beauty Survival Kit

    Beauties, summer is finally near and there’s no better way to welcome the sunny beach-bound days than with Memorial Day festivities! No matter where you are celebrating, here is a beauty survival kit to keep you looking fresh and fabulous all weekend long!

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  • Graduation Beauty Essentials

    Graduation Beauty Essentials 

    Soon enough, you'll have your diploma in hand and flipping your tassel to the left side of your cap. Graduation is just around the corner for some of you and it'll be an exciting and busy day. Don't be caught without these beauty essentials that will help make your graduation memorable and beautiful!

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  • Favorite Drugstore Eye Liners

    Favorite Drugstore Eye Liners

    Think it's impossible to find an eye liner that doesn't smudge, smear, or streak? Never fear, Beauties—Beautylish shows you our three favorite liners that don't break the bank.

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  • What's It Like to Sell Makeup on Etsy?

    What's It Like to Sell Makeup on Etsy?

    Do you ever wonder what it's like to sell on Etsy? Beautylish chats with Emily DeLapp, founder of the uber-chic mineral makeup line, Concrete Minerals.

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  • Splurge or Save: Hair Dryer
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    Splurge or Save: Hair Dryer

    We are long past the days of using vacuum cleaners as hair dryers, as people did a century ago. Now there are a million choices of hair dryers, costing from a $10 to $500 and all of them promise the same thing—to dry your hair. But should you really be shelling out the extra cash for a device that essentially blows air?

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  • Scandinavian Design Influences Makeup

    Scandinavian Design Influences Makeup

    Introducing Finnish makeup line, KIDE MSCHIC. With a combination of pure ingredients and ultra-modern packaging, this eco-friendly line proves that IKEA's not the only cool thing to come from Scandinavia.

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  • Beauty Preview: Paper Lashes!

    Beauty Preview: Paper Lashes!

    For a sneak peek into the future of beauty products, Beautylish checks out the latest false lashes (made from paper!) that were showcased at Cosmoprof Bologna this year.

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  • Are you sure your skin is clean before bed?

    Are you sure your skin is clean before bed?

    Have you ever woken up with a dark smudge on your pillow? See why two-step, or double cleansing, is a great way to ensure your face is completely bare for bed.

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  • Canary Craze: Yellow Nail Polish is Hot!

    Canary Craze: Yellow Nail Polish is Hot!

    Yellow is the IT nail color of the season—this bright and modern statement shade is taking tips and toes by storm! Keep reading to see our favorite lemon lacquers at every price point.

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  • Beauty Breakdown: Calgel, Minx & Shellac
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    Beauty Breakdown: Calgel, Minx & Shellac

    Nails are hot this season, but before you step into the nail salon, you'll want to know what each nail trend is all about. We chat with CND Research and Development chemist Chad Conger about the differences between the nail technologies behind Calgel, Minx and Shellac.

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