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Nov 17, 2017

Ann L.

Did you end up trying the lighter airbrush powder from Charlotte Tilsbury? I’m and NW20 (sort of inbetween like you)... trying to figure out which color to go with... light or medium. Which did you like better between the two colors?

Nov 20, 2017

Zara P.

Hi Ann. I have hit the pan on the medium one and I am still debating whether to get the one in light, as unfortunately CT isnt available in UAE, hence I can't test it prior to buying online.
I am going through as many reviews as possible. Haha
Sorry I wasnt of much help.
Let me know what you end up buying. Medium should be okie if you use a light hand.

Nov 20, 2017

Ann L.

I spoke to he Beautylish consultant and she recommended I buy the Light. I’m going to give that a try... fingers crossed.

I’m also considering getting the dark color and using it as a bronzer or Contour Color. It’s difficult to tell online if it’s more grey toned or red toned.

What do you think now that you’ve used almost the whole pan? Are you going to repurchase?

I generally don’t like the way powders make my skin look more dull and matte when it comes to everyday use and I’ve tried many of the top rated ones. I’m hoping this one is TRULY different and lives up to the hype.

Nov 21, 2017

Zara P.

I am definitely repurchasing. The product is amazing.
I really hope this powder is THE ONE for you. haha. As I myself don't like the dry flat look on my skin or any dry patch emphasized. I also donot like a powdery texture on my face and can't be bothered with additional steps of a fix plus. Do keep it in mind that you might need to powder or mattify your face after a few hours as it is a finishing powder and not a setting powder.
I am never worried about my acne & pores being prominent with this powder.
Also I love to use it on my lips to mattify my lipsticks!
I would love to hear your reviews after you use it
Let me know how the light shade worked for you. I will repurchase after hearing from you :)

Zara P.

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