Beauty Product Reviews


I die for this color! It is definitely not for the faint of heart or conservative. You will definitely stand out with this lipstick. The formula is beautiful but I feel for darker skin tones it can wash us out. However just line with a darker liner like currant or even nightmoth blend well with some magenta and your in business! I beautiful lipstick, perfect for spring.

Perfect dark shade for olive to deep skin tones

One of my favorite shades from the lip tars. The consistency is to die for and it goes on so easy, and is also easily blend able, and a little bit goes a long way. They have a variety of shades to choose from, and they are cruelty free. You can't lose with that

Should be a staple in every makeup collection!

I go through bottles of this stuff! I use it after I've finished all of my face makeup and want to take away that powdery look and before I apply primer to refresh my skin. I keep the small 30ml bottle in my purse to carry with me when I need to give my makeup a little refresher. It works wonders and I would die if they ever discontinued it.

One of my favorite primers ever!

I've been using MACs soft ochre paint pot for a few months now and I LOVE it!! This is a great base for bright colors and really makes my eye shadows show up true to color. It keeps my eye shadow from creasing all days long. The longest I've worn it was for about 9 hours and my makeup still looked like I had just applied it. Definitely recommend for those with oily lids.

Great starter palette!

The shadows are nice quality and the color selection is great. This is great for a beginner or someone who just likes to play with different colors. One of my favorite palettes to play with. Definitely would recommend.

A really good highlighter to start your kit...

This is a great highlighter for those who are just starting out on experimenting with illuminators and highlighters. Gives a nice natural glow and last for a while, will probably last longer with a good primer. A bit expensive for a drug store brand, but is an overall good product.