Beauty Product Reviews

Great for Undereye!

I can't leave the house without at least putting on concealer for my dark under-eye circles. It's hard to find a good concealer as most of them just accentuate the area, making it more noticeable and unpleasant. This corrector was suggested to me at a Bobbi Brown counter at Macy's years ago and I still love to use this.

I use the Peach tone which works great for my olive skin. It's meant to color-correct, but I find that by doing so, it makes concealing so much easier. After applying and blending it under the eye, I'd use MAC's Studio Finish concealer to finish the look.


I went on a NYX shopping spree months ago with a coupon. I should have done more research before purchasing and ended up throwing/giving away a third of the products I bought. The liquid liners (bought: black pearl, brown, and silver) were too runny and required multiple coats because the colors wouldn't stay on. Then when it dried, it'd start flaking and cracking. And because it was so runny, it traveled in my eye and stung like crazy.

Never again. I'd rather get Wet & Wild liquid liner (cheaper)!

Great Price!

This review is for the NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio in Ceramic (TS36) and Sweet Lagoon/Aqua/Ocean (TS23).

I'm quite impressed with this trio palette from NYX. It's one of my first purchases after trying out my friend's Ceramic palette and couldn't believe how pigmented the colors were for a mere $8. It's my go-to palette for a nighttime smokey eye look. The only qualm I had about the product, hence a half star deduction, is the packaging. It's not wise to keep it in your purse because I had it break on me and everything in there were stained with black shadow. [But that didn't stop me from restocking another Ceramic palette, this time keeping it in my makeup box!]

I used the Sweet Lagoon/Aqua/Ocean (TS23) palette for a photoshoot (picture). You can see how rich the color is and it was applied over a primed face with foundation and no use of eye primer.

In all honesty, this is a great purchase and something I will have on the top of my NYX Cosmetics list of makeup to get. You can even snatch it up for half the price when they do major sales throughout the year!

This is my go-to highlighter for the eyes, nose, and top of the cheeks! A little goes a long way--- there's a lot of product! I like using this for the warmer days and when it's cold (and my face is dry), I'd switch to MAC's Strobe Cream.

Will Not Repurchase

I was in search of eye primers and it came down to UDPP & TFSI as top two. I ended up buying TFSI because of its tube packaging (you can squeeze out every bit). BUT, I found that the primer is really OILY. I tried shaking it up but when I apply it on the back of my hand, it's really thin & runny --- the product seemed to have separated. It did not help with creasing or staying power of the eyeshadow. When I tried my friend's UDPP, it was thicker in consistency and my shadows didn't budge one bit!

EDIT: I decided to put it in the fridge, thinking maybe the consistency will be thicker. It works better now that it's of solid and not oily form. But as far as staying power and non-creasing abilities, I'm still not really seeing a difference.