Beauty Product Reviews

Pigmented, Smooth, & Cute!

First of all I love the packaging. It's so fun and it attracted me instantly. I love all the neutral shades in there and the amazing hot pink, however what made it a 4 star instead of a 5 star is that there are no matte shades in the palette. Urban Decay has a tendency to use mostly shimmery shades in their palettes and very little matte shades. However the shadows are still excellent and I would definitely recommend this!

Vibrant, Smokey, & Cheap!

These shadows are amazingly pigmented and are beautiful. Not only that but the palette is only $10! They can be a little bit powdery causing fall out but that is not a huge issue for me since I apply foundation after eyeshadow. Just LOOK at these swatches!


Inglot shadows are the best shadows in the WORLD. the pigmentation is crazy and what you see is what you get. the price is not as expensive as the higher end brands and its better than all of them!

the freedom system is amazing, you get to make your own combinations in different sizes and choose square or round pans. they are magnetic and you can stack them up! very portable.

its not just the shadows that are amazing, the lip pencil pigmentation is crazy as well and the nailpolishes, blushes, eyelashes, glittes, are ALLL AMAZING.


I have 6 loose eyeshadows starting from the first row left: Junebug, Magpie, Stella. Then the second row left: Goldilux, Darling, Royal Sugar.

For 5 grams, $12 is such a generous price. Not only are these shadows affordable, Sugarpill makes the most unique loose shadows and one of my favourites is Royal Sugar. How can you miss that amazing royal blue and not put it in your shopping cart?! When the shadows are applied wet they bring out the full potential of the colours and they are to die for. Goldilux is very metalic and will catch anyone's eyes and stella is perfect for a sexy sparkly smokey eye or to deepen the dimension in any look. Junebug and Magpie are also both gorgeous and I highly recommend them! <3

Vivid Shocking Colours!

I also have the "Sweet Heart" palette which consists of... Dollipop: Matte Pink Afterparty: Bright Blue (kind of metalic) Midori: Bright Green (kind of metalic) Tako: Matte White Again, the colour pay off is amazing, the shadows last very long with an eye primer ofcourse, and the pigmentation is just breath taking. You can also use dollipop as a cute blush! I fell in love with the two palettes and so will you, I assure you <3

Vivid Shocking Colours!

The "Burning Heart" palette reminds me of the sunset. Flamepoint: Matte Orange Buttercupcake: Matte Yellow Love +: Matte Red with a tiny hint of Glitter Poison Plum: Matte Purple with a tiny hint of Glitter For these amazingly pigmented colours, you won't need to build up the colours as much as other eye shadows to get the vivid colour. The colours you see on the palette is what you will get. The colour pay off is excellent and I highly recommend this palette to anyone who loves bright colours like myself! The shadows are also long lasting with an eye primer base <3