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Beauty Product Reviews

lovely Texture and one of the really good quailty polish

love the colors and formula and over all the outcome of the products!! one of my all time favorite. Never the less i found the color selection of model owns is quite unique and all different then other brand out there. Good quality and pigmented polishes!! lovely to have in the collection. check out the detail review at

Does as it claims, tones, your skin to a smoother texture

So I used this product for more then three weeks, and this product just takes out all the dead skin off of the face, and the smell of the product is just too good! Its floral which is just too good and refreshing. I just love the way it smells! After washing my face with a cleanser, I tone my skin with this, and wait till it drys, so then I can apply the moisturizer. This product does not try out the skin in any form, even if I didn't apply the moisturizer on top this keep my skin nice and moist since i have dry skin, most of the toners make my skin very dry and flaky.

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LOVE!! does what it claims, One of my favs

So this product you just use a very little bit and massage all over your face with it, including eyes under eyes and all over. Has a creamy formula, The product was like 2 in 1 for me it was like a facial cleaner with a makeup remover which really helped, I always have makeup on, so this did 2 in 1 for me! Also I have very dry skin, this product did kind of made it very dry, but I feel that the the part 2 Polish of the process really helped!

Followed by using the Muslin Hot cloth with warm water to get all that dirt and makeup away! I felt this Pure Muslin cloth helped it a lot on my skin! because after using this cloth it made my skin super soft, and smooth! I Believe that it was all the dead skin which made my skin super dry, yet this cloth help all the dead skin move away, and it made my face super soft and smooth!

* wash the cloth about twice a week! Due to all the bacteria that gets on there, you don't want it all over your face again!

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Bight and very pigmented love it

love the bright bold and statment color, and for the price its just great!!! the price is perfect for the prduct you get, one of the great pros were that the polishes drys way faster then cheap nail polishes!!


Heart this product great, love of my life! i always use it everyday with all types of looks and stays all day long with out smudging or moving it from its place! heart it very much! its a must!