Beauty Product Reviews

A Must Have!

I bought this when I was browsing in Target. And I was looking in the skincare aile for cleansers and toners... And so I came across this, I was first debating if I should get the other Neutrogena alcohol-free toner, but at the time I was breaking out(time of the month) and so I just thought it would make sense to actually have a toner that will clean my skin and tone it at the same time. I tried it when I got home it was okay, started using it atleast 2x a day by day 3 my face was acne free, it even minimized the old scars I had. Now every time I break out, or even when I see it first start coming out I'll rub it on my face and the next day you start to see it goin down. This is how well it works for me! I'm serious about having this, I love it soo much I have to use it everyday sometimes twice when I see myself breaking out.

Most Likely One of My Bests!!!!

This is my go to mascara for on the go, when I have no time to put on false lashes, just simply curl my lashes and add a few layers of falsies mascara and Im good to go. I have never had any trouble with this mascara what so ever from the start, I think thats why I fell in love with this so fast, no clumping or flaking and it keeps my eyelashes curled since I have naturally straight lashes.

The CUTEST lip balm everr!

Love this stuff! I have Lemon Drop, Summer Fruit, & the Pink n Purple ones, which I forgot the names or flavors of. hehehe :) I am on the mission to collect them all. I allow my 4yr old daughter to use it and my 2yr old son thinks their colorful balls or easter eggs Lol!!!

A drugstore Primer that does Me Wonders!

I absolutely LOVE this primer! It's the Best and Only drugstore primer I bought, I have previously used urbandecay and MAC face primers and I just though I'd give this one a try for my daily use. Its cheap and I no longer worry about wasting product or using too much because this is a go to product I will always have thats soo avordable :)

I absolutely LOVE this foundation. I mean I was so totally happy when I bought this and tried it out, it's light to medium coverage let's your skin breathe, and I like to build this foundation on my face for a dewy look and still it won't look caked on. I live in Hawaii so the heat gets to us but this foundation doesn't melt on me. I like to us a good primer before applying then with MAC's duo fiber foundation brush apply evenly then simply set with a finishing powder if you like. I absolutely love this product, and I bought this when it was on sale. I have finally found a drug store foundation that does me wonders! :)