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Go-To Winter Perfume

I love wearing this in the winter because it isn't as bright and fresh smelling as the Burberry Sheer (which I wear in the summer). It smells warm and cozy.

Try It Out

I purchased this from Sephora this week because I've been interested in switching out my deodorant for something better and didn't contain aluminum. I had a hard time choosing a scent though because I didn't really care for any of them, they weren't bad I just couldn't decide. I went with a safe bet and chose Vanilla Lavender. I'm very happy with my purchase. I noticed that after my run it worked as well as any other deodorant. I noticed that it's moisturizing too, easier to shave my underarms. I will be repurchasing this again.

No Fall Out

Great formula! I've been trying out new mascaras left and right.

What I liked: -Separates my lashes evenly -Just the right amount comes out on the bristles -I did see a difference in the look of the length of my lashes -Doesn't flake throughout the day, even after I've touched my lashes accidentally -The bottle makes a little click when it's shut tight, I know that this is an odd pro, but it was nice to know the bottle is shut correctly

What I didn't like: -The packaging is pretty, but it didn't need to be as long as it is... They could have shortened the wand to save space -I did not see a difference in the look of thicker lashes

Light and Powerful

I have freckles and I never like to cover them up, but I need something to smooth my complexion. I have tried tinted moisturizers before and they work, but give my freckles a weird look. This pressed powder works great to get rid of the oily shiny look as well as evens out my skin tone. It's light and you can layer it on for stronger coverage. I'm very pleased with this purchase, it was worth the money for the results I got.

All Time Favorite

I've used this stuff since I started wearing make-up. I've tried other brands once in a while at a friend's, but nothing can compare.

I use it before I was my face, the oily feel rinses right off. It's gentle on your eyes, but strong enough to get water-proof mascara off.

Great Polish

Polish went on smoothly and the color would look great with any skin tone. I got mine at Ulta yesterday for $8. This is my first Essie polish and I'm very happy with the coverage and strength.

Wonderful Pink Cheeks & Lips

I was at Sephora a couple weeks ago looking at the little set of the Posietint, Benetint, and High Beam and decided to try them out. I'm so glad I bought them! One of the women from Sephora helped me because I wasn't sure how to apply liquid blush. She dabs it on her blush brush and starts circling from the hairline down the cheek bone. She said to gradually ad more as you go, because it's hard to go back with liquid sometimes.

The best part is that it looks great on your lips to as a stain! My boyfriend is really happy that it doesn't transfer to him like my other lipglosses and lipsticks.

Loves It!

I've seen people use white or silver on their bottom water line and it just looks too bright! I was guilty of this until I was looking around at Sephora and found this awesome little product. I waited awhile to buy if because it's $20 for just a pink eye liner. At least that's what I thought... I broke down and bought it because I wanted to try it so bad. I am glad I did! It has become a regular part of my beauty routine. I line my water line and smudge it a bit under the inner corner. It really does make me look a light brighter. It's very creamy and blends easily. You get a lot of bang for your buck too, even with using it every day it lasts a long time.


I was reading a beauty Q&A column and one girl was asking how to get stronger nails that wouldn't split so easily. The writer suggested using the OPI Nail Envy. I bought it myself because I wasn't noticing any changes with the Sally Hansen bottle I had bought that was supposed to help grow & strengthen nails.

I bought mine at ULTA (they usually always have a $3.50 off your $10 purchase coupon you can use in stores) for $16 (well, $12.50 w/coupon). You can even find it at Target these days. I hadn't spent that much on a nail treatment before and I really hoped that this one would work. Sure enough it did.

You first apply two coats to clean buffed nails and then every other day add a coat. one right on top of the other, at the end of the week take it all off with remover and start the process over. After a month you should notice a big difference. I'm two months in and have only used half of the bottle, so don't worry about you're supply.

I paint my nails often (2 or 3 times a week) so I use two coats as my base and then paint over it. This works just as well. I think it helps in two ways: 1) The formula really does make a difference, my nails are longer and stronger. 2) You're always putting new coats on so you don't pick at your nails as often as you may have in the past. I used to pick at the tips when they would split, but I've stopped doing that because I don't want to mess up my nail designs.

Final thoughts: It's worth it. If you are considering it, just get it!

Great For Everyday Use

I have the larger pump bottle of this product and was on the fence at first about getting it, but I am so glad I made the purchase! I use one to two pumps in my long hair while it's still damp, then I blow dry my hair and run through it real quick with a straightener (i have thick coarse hair so it's fully from the blow dryer). It keeps my hair straight all day without frizz. I love that there is no build-up and my hair isn't crunchy/sticky/greasy at the end of the day. I'm always able to run my fingers through my hair and it's nice and soft. It's worth trying if you like Aveda products.

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