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Grace M.
Wonderful Scent, Free Of Harmful & Harsh Ingredients, Not Tested On Animals

This product is a great deodorant for anyone, particularly vegetarians, or vegans. This deodorant is dermatologist recommended, and hypo allergenic. This provides up to 8 hours of odor protection. This has essential oils that provide a light personal smell. Its not a heavy smell that everyone will be able to notice. Smells like baby powder, grapefruit, and vanilla.

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Melissa M.
The best deodorant I've ever tried

I absoloutely love this product for a couple of reasons. One, I don't care for the aluminum and other harsh chemicals found in most deodorants because certain studies show a link between that and breast cancer. Two, unlike the other natural deodorants from Whole Foods that I've tried, this is the first one to keep me dry and smelling good literally ALL day long. Those other natural deodorants just didn't cut it. But Lavanila actually WORKS. For me it works even better than Secret and Dove. I am so in love with this product, and I'm amazed that it's all natural. Go to Sephora and buy it now!!!

Amy V.
Try It Out

I purchased this from Sephora this week because I've been interested in switching out my deodorant for something better and didn't contain aluminum. I had a hard time choosing a scent though because I didn't really care for any of them, they weren't bad I just couldn't decide. I went with a safe bet and chose Vanilla Lavender. I'm very happy with my purchase. I noticed that after my run it worked as well as any other deodorant. I noticed that it's moisturizing too, easier to shave my underarms. I will be repurchasing this again.

Marykate T.

i love the smell, and will always buy more of the perfume but i have very sweaty armpits and this stands no chance against my smell/wetness. if you feel youre a light sweater and like the smell i'd give it a try but unless i reapplied this every half hour.

Christine S.
not bad

i purchased this from sephora a couple weeks ago after hearing about it on youtube. i bought the vanilla scent. i am allergic to the alluminum in most deoderants so this to me was a no brainer. i havent noticed anything substancial about it as opposed to my other drugstore brand but i think i will give it through the whole tube anyway.

Jani M.
Not for me.

I ran out of my Secret Clinical Strength deodorant, and decided to pick Lavanila up because I had always heard good things about it. The scent is nice, not overpowering or anything. I'm going to get a bit personal, so don't freak out, but I have very sweaty pits. I live in South Florida, and even though it's the beginning of October, it's still very hot outside. This does not protect against sweat, and after a while the scent seems to fade away. I'd just rather stick with Secret then use this again. I need something strong for my armpits, and this just didn't cut it.