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Fantastic texture and color

I am obsessed with Becca's Lip/Cheek Creme in Blossom! This nudey-pink-pink deposits the perfect amount of neutral flush to my cheeks and matches literally any makeup I'm wearing. Beauties, if you want a great cream blush to complement your red lips, THIS is it! The texture feels like silk and I really love Becca's unusual packaging....very future retro! I've had it for a while and I'm even starting to hit pan (which is a miracle for me!)

Wanted to love this but broke me out!

I had a phase where I was very much into Cleansing Oil. I tried out at least 5, but every time I tried Shu Uemura's fresh I got a rash the next day of my face. Perhaps it's the mineral oil, or maybe it's another product, but this just did not work on my very sensitive skin. While I don't use cleansing oil any longer, I found that Boscia Make Up Break Up Cool Cleansing Oil was a great alternative to this!

Great if you already have good brows

I have very thick and dark eye brows already which only need a hint of definition on a daily basis. Shu Uemura's hard formula eye brow pencil is formulated in a way that only deposits pigment onto the hair follicle. So if you have no hair or are missing patches of it on your brows, this isn't the pencil for you. Because I use it to fill in, slightly darken, and give's a great formula for my particular brows. I have dark brown brows and use Seal Brown (02).

Perfect trio of bronzers for sunkissed skin

I'm the girl with the pale skin that everything turned either orange or fuchsia. The hunt for an amazing bronzer usually resulted in tangerine cheeks, not the sunny glow I was looking for.

Until I tried Fresh's Here Comes the Sun bronzer trio. The trio is comprised of a pale-medium face luster, apricot pink face luster, and deeper bronze face luster. They have a very subtle and fine shimmer to them, no gaudy chunks or heavy glitter. They glow smoothly on the skin and don't turn orange! I use this to contour my cheeks, under the neck to contour any mischievous double chins, around the bridge of the nose, and on top of the forehead (basically where sun would naturally hit). I recommend using a MAC 187 Stipple brush with these as they are pretty pigmented.

The packaging is an adorable sunny orange shade with the fresh label, and isn't too clunky (it packs really well for trips).The price is a bit steep at $45, but consider that you are buying 3 bronzers that will last you for years and years, even at everyday use.

Small, compact and moisturizing lipstick

Korres Guava Lipstick is an incredibly moisturizing. It gives a creamy matte shine, and the staying power is pretty impressive. Plus, it's all housed in a convenient and sophisticated little black tube that fits easily in your bag or clutch! Price is on the more expensive side at $22, but try this if you're into light texture and a rich color payoff.

I tried Natural Pink 13, a pinky nude shade (more pink than nude in my opinion) It's not the most flattering or thrilling color on my skin, but I'm in love with the texture and featherweight feel on my lips (I'm the girl that always took her lip gloss off after 2 minutes because I couldn't stand heavy product on it)

All in all, very impressed by packaging and ingredients:

-Guava: Provides vitamin C and antioxidant protection that guards against free-radical damage. -Shea Butter and Aloe Extract: Offer soothing, emollient, and restoring action to restore chapped lips. -Rosemary Extract and Vitamin E: Offer antioxidant and antiaging benefits. -Castor Seed Oil and Natural Waxes: Help to prolong wear.

Best. purple. EVER

Make Up For Ever's 'Purple 92' eye shadow is seriously the best purple eye shadow. It's a richly pigmented matte and intense bright purple, this shadow seriously GLOWS.

Its pigmentation is so rich that it would show up on any skin tone, including the darkest of darks! My eyes are brown with a hint of green, and it makes them glow greener (purple is a wonderful complement with green)

Every individual pan costs $19 for .08 oz of product, but this will last you forever, even with heavy use. I love the individual magnetized compacts, the black acrylic case is sturdy enough to stay in my makeup bag. The tops of the case also have a clear strip so you can see the particular color, making it easier to differentiate the vast array of colors you probably have in your bag...

I love experimenting with this color and trying out new combinations. In the pic uploaded, I paired it with a taupey-gray in the center lid and a shimmering ice blue in the corner of the eyes. I've also used this with Chrome Yellows, bright acid green, black, white, tan. If you experiment long enough, you WILL get it to work with a color you love. If you had to choose one color in the Make Up For Ever shadow collection, this is it.

Fantastic medium brown pink mauve

I absolutely love Make Up For Ever's lipstick. They are richly pigmented, long lasting, and have a gorgeous dewy sheen finish on lips. Brownish Pink 420 is a non shimmery pigmented pink mauve with strong brown and russet undertones. It is definitely darker than my lip color and is a very sophisticated office look. I wear this with neutral shadows since it's a darker lip shade. Try pairing MAC Shroom on the lid, Stila Puppy in the crease, and Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer gel liner on the upper lashline. Curl lashes and add any mascara you love. Pair with pinky toned nude blush on cheeks and you're good to go!

Great quality product that DOES make a difference!

I never really thought about eye lash curler. I didn't think that such a little tool could have such an effect on the eyes! My friends recommend that I try one before wearing mascara, and she suggested the Shu Uemura curler. When I saw the price tag, I immediately thought “$19 for that? No way”, and bought a cheapo drugstore lash curler for about $3.

After pulling a few eye lashes out, I decided to invest in the Shu Uemura.

The rubber pad is really well designed so it doesn't pull out any lashes. The metal mechanism is ergonomically comfortable for my fingers. After applying eye primer, shadow, and liner, I use this before applying mascara (NEVER CURL LASHES AFTER MASCARA. ever)

I fit the eye lash curler at the base of my lashes and pump once for 5 seconds, then I move up to the mid length of lashes and pump again for 5 seconds. My lashes are very curled and actually stay that way, even without mascara. It's a subtle difference, but my eyes seem to twinkle more when my lashes are curled.

I have an almond/round eye shape. If this particular lash curler design doesn't work for you based on shape, I recommend the Shiseido lash curler for shorter lashes.

Fantastic LONG-LASTING gloss

Ok, if you look at my past reviews, you'll definitely see that I am NOT a fan of sticky lip glosses. I hate the hair in the face, can't eat, sticky mess that results in putting gloppy color on your lips.

I have to make one exception, for this gloss. Make Up For Ever Super Lip Gloss definitely lives up to its hype. Packaged in a tiny little tube, the texture of the gloss is hard to describe, but I'll do my best. It's not so much that it's's more of a thick textured cream that sticks really well to lips. Once on, it will NOT come off until you wipe it off. It resists drinks, food, and touching your lips...that product will stay on! It gives the most beautiful dewy glow to the lips, not overly “porn star” shiny.

Beige 1 is a glowing pearlescent beige with pink undertones. It mutes the color of my lips and is PERFECT with a black/gray smoky eye look! Highly recommended.

Medium shimmery muted green

I tried Green 16L, which is a medium muted green shade with yellow undertones. It's not quite olive, but it's getting there. This makes a surprisingly great neutral on my brown eyes, and brings out the green and yellow tones in them. I love wearing this on the lashline with a khaki taupe shade (MAC Sweet Sienna pigment is the perfect color to match, wearing it in photo on the lid). I usually wear Green 16L on the upper lashline and apply generous coats of mascara to give it some contrast, otherwise it wouldn't contrast my eyes enough.

Make Up For Ever makes some of the best products on the market today, and Aqua Eyes is no exception. These liners are really rich in pigment and smooth in texture. They don't tug on the eyes have really amazing lasting power - even the darker shades. For $17, you get .17 oz of product. That doesn't seem like much, but these are probably one of the highest quality pencil eye liners you will ever meet, and they don't smudge!

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