Beauty Product Reviews

Nice Perfume

I loved this perfume until someone told me it smelt like bananas! haha now every time i smell it I feel like a giant banana. Other than than i think its a really great scent and it wears well :)

I was never able to curl my hair until now!

I have very thin, fine hair and it was never able to hold a curl with any size iron i bought. I tried at least four before i decided to invest in this one. It's a little pricey but so worth it. My curls last me two days now! I love having the option to switch out sizes instead of having to collect various irons. I have had my cortex for quite a while and it still works like new! LOVE

One of THE BEST lip products!

I bought this more so just for fun because I liked the idea of exfoliating your lips with something natural enough to actually lick off! I was amazed at how smooth my lips were after and the oils in the product soothe your lips without making them greasy! I use it before bed and put on a lip balm and by morning my lips are beautiful! I also love the scent. Minty Sweet.


This is definitely one of my favorite Lush bath bombs! The scent is amazing and smells sweetly of roses. The scent isn't overbearing but you can definitely tell its there. Turns your water a pretty color too! One warning though, there are little rose bits in the bomb so if you do not want them floating in the tub, or don't want to have to clean them up after, I would recommend tying the bomb up in a piece of tool or some other mesh fabric :)

Honest Opinion!

I LOVE the packaging of this product, it is so adorable! However, what lies within was so disappointing! I found myself constantly re applying and discovered my lips were better off just not putting any more on. The scent of all the balms are pretty good but none blow me away. I found the sweet mint to be the best. Also you cant fit these in your pockets so they are a bit inconvenient for clutches or anytime you dont want to carry a purse.

Perfect Bright Pink

As far as color goes i love this product! However, it really dries out my lips and due to the lightness of this color it really shows. I definitely have to wear a gloss with this which is a downside for me. Other than that, great product.


This product is very nice. As far as scent goes its a bit unique...but I like it. Definitely not a smell for everyone though. It's kind of a coco butter scent but so hard to describe. Id recommend smelling before buying. It is an excellent lotion and worth the price. Especially because all proceeds go to charity!! Not many people take time to try out this product, they are missing out!

The best thing on the planet!

Smells sooo amazing and the smell lingers on your skin after showering. I would recommend leaving on in the shower for a few minutes for maximum effect. Moisturizes my skin and I don't have to use lotion after showering!