Beauty Product Reviews


I ADORE this product. My friend has it as a concealer and one day I was doing her makeup and used it and instantly fell in love with the product! I HIGHLY recommend this.

Lash Band

Good lashes. The band can to me be a little thick and difficult to manage, but works out in the end. I love the variety in them lashes though! Great to jazz up ANY look! :)

Dupe for MAC Plush Lash

I just bought this mascara for my kit and O-M-G. LOVE. This to me is just as good as the MAC Plush Lash, and that mascara i LOVEEEEEEE. The brush wand is the perfect size, and brushes through my lashes beautifully. Little to no clumps. I definitely recommend this if you are curious to try.


When I first got this it was more for the hype and curious why everyone had this product. But now I understand why the more I use it. I have a friend that when I do her makeup and I use her curler its okay, doesnt take too much on her outter lashes. But when I use my Shu Uemura curler on her I feel that it grabs on all her lashes and gives them a better curler. I just love it and think its totally worth the money.


I just LOVE LOVE this brand. The primer is the best so far that I have come across. Its so smooth and makes my foundation last. On top of it being a primer, it states to get ultimate results you can also wear it at night as a moisturizer for nourishment.

All Shadows

I wont go through ALL the colors, But I feel like majority of the colors are great. Pigmentation and all...You know how some other brands when you put a color base to intensify the color of the shadow. Well not MAC. I feel that you can put a skin toned base and still get a high pigmented color.