Anti-Aging Primer

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Trisha W.
I always come back to this primer!!!

I can't even count how many different primers I've used or tried since primers hit the market a few years ago. And I always come back to this one as my favorite. It's always works, always looks flawless and the anti aging serum aspect of it actually helps repair my skin. I have combo skin and have found that less is more. You don't need much but it fills in pores and preps skin really well. For dry skin you would want to use a normal amount, especially because of the serum benefits. A tube of this typically lasts me 8-9 months with daily use. That's a lot of bang for your buck. It's never to early to focus on anti aging and taking care of your skin while you're young will pay of for years to come. I honestly can't say enough how much I love this primer and how it lives up to it's claims!

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Romee H.
Foundation Primer with Anti-Aging Serum, what can you ask more!?!

I'm so happy I found Cover FX Skinprep FX Nourishing Foundation Primer & Anti-Aging Serum! I recently broke out on my face so i went to the dermatologist. The prescription medication dries out my skin. But this foundation primer is so nourishing and moisturizing, it covers all the dry patches and gives me dewy skin. I also use this primer as serum at night, and in the morning, I notice improvements in my skin. One thing I have to say, if you have oily skin it might not for you or use less amount, otherwise you might looks like one grease ball! In that case you just need a sheet of Tatcha blotting paper, it works like magic! Overall, this primer saved my dry and patchy skin!

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Amy Maria Y. Team
Great alternative for typical primers

Many primers on the market contain silicones or similar ingredient that fills in lines and blurs imperfections on your skin. They work for most people but when you find the silicone start to "pil" or ball up it means your skin is not absorbing it the way it's intended OR that your foundation has ingredients in it that repel the the primer. This primer is a serum so it works a bit differently. It actually absorbs into your skin so that your skin becomes a smoother, more plumped up surface for foundation to glide on. Instead of just sitting on top of your skin like some primers can do, the serum provides a base for your make-up.

I recommend this for those with combination or dry skin and works best with a liquid foundation!

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Lindsay S.
More than just a primer!

I am in love with this product!!! My foundation glides on after applying the primer and my look lasts from day to night. I have also recently discovered that you can use it for such things as a bug bit or itchy spots due to allergies. I tested it out a couple weeks ago on a bite and it actually worked! No more itching and it helped it to heal faster!

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Nicole D.
Great Primer

Not only is this primer great for prepping the face before applying foundation it also can be used to shear out cream foundation. Add some the next time you want lighter coverage!

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Valerie H.

I try other primers and I am always disappointed and come back to this one...nothing else compares! This is a wonderful, silky, moisturizing primer that feels light as a feather and gives a beautiful glow. The texture feels luxurious! It absorbs quickly and makes my skin SO soft, and really does blur all the lines... I can see it immediately when I apply it. It helps my bb cream and other makeup go on so smoothly and not sink into any lines. Makes my skin look gorgeous and smooth and glowing. Plus it is beneficial to your skin. I can't say enough about it. Wonderful product!

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Ashley G.

I recently purchased a set of Cover FX products from Naimies, and this primer was in that set. I just have to say to start off that I was slightly nervous using it because it was a serum, and it looks quite oily. But! I've used it for about a week now, and I'm obsessed with it, it works amazing and makes my foundation stay on all day. It also gives your skin a dewy finish, which I absolutely love!

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Christina L.

I just LOVE LOVE this brand. The primer is the best so far that I have come across. Its so smooth and makes my foundation last. On top of it being a primer, it states to get ultimate results you can also wear it at night as a moisturizer for nourishment.

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Andrea M.

Ive tried many combination primers/face serums & necer quite found that miracle product until I tried this. I love the texture it melts easily into my skin & can be blended w/foundation bb & cc creams..ive even used it alone with great natural looking results. Definitely worth the money!!

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Bianca A.
Excellent Mixer

I received this primer as part of my Lucky Bag and at first, I wasn’t happy because I have stopped using primers. However, my skin has become aging, normal to dry, and occasionally retinol-ravaged! I use this primer to mix with matte foundations and heavy concealers to make those products easy to work with and dry skin friendly. It works the better than any other primer I have tried for this purpose. It makes heavier foundation look like skin and flatter dry skin. Thanks to this primer, I am getting more use out of other products!