Beauty Product Reviews

Damn!!! Tom

Tom Ford was possibly one of the most talked about designer of 2011. He's also another man I'd love to marry. I've read and heard a lot of reviews about this fragrance. I wasn't going to let anyone create mine, so I had to go and try it.The bottle is different to any out there, hence it's Tom Ford. At first it reminds you of a spritz the way it leaves the bottle, the first smell didn't hit me. I applied around 11:00am as I began my shopping spree. The scent + my skin = sensational. The smell last for hours. I Then bought the biggest bottle I could get my hands and smaller ones for my bag. I would recommend to anyone to purchase this, but note it will leave people lingering in your sweet stupor . Not for the weak-hearted

The is great, this is fantastic

I have the original, the summer and the new one. It's fresh and citrus. Which is what I look for in a fragrance, but it last. I think what I love the most is that it's a scent that lingers after you leave. I've also noticed my boyfriend sniffing my clothes, asking about the smell. Let's hope I get another for Valentines Day ;-)

This is not great, it's magnificent

Now If Marc Jacobs wasn't gay, I would do anything to get and marry him. Point black. I love the man, he is a genius. This perfume marks truly a timeless classic natural girl. It's expensive in London, but totally worth it. I bought it then my mom, sister, aunt, cousin and possibly all the female I know. Yes your probably thinking we smell alike, but no. I don't what it is but it's different. If ever you want a light fragrance that last, this is it. Place it on your wish list ladies

It's good for post waxing

Three weeks ago I got a full body wax. Bad Bad Bad Idea. It was excruciating. The upside was my skin was smooth and hair free. This powder help to smooth my skin and left me feeling fresh. Funny enough I use it at nights after I take a shower. I despise lavender but this scent is very light and delicate.

Good for travlling

Now I discovered this product whilst purchasing Black stocking. They come in a little box, similar to a matches box. They look little tablets. The first time I used it I was surprised as to how good the tables could be. I now take them with anywhere I go to freshen up. They are good


In London, Soap and Glory is found in are big Pharmacy, Boots. It's the shiz-nit. I have incredible dry hands, I work in a lab so I wash and sanitize my hands all day long. My hands are incredible dry, think Desert Dryness. I love the smell and fell, my hands are so moist. Perfect for winter.