Beauty Product Reviews

Great lasting power

This concealer is waterproof and lasts amazingly throughout the day. I love it, though I wish it was a little lighter to match my pale skin. It covers great and blends like a dream, it's cheap and comes in a bunch of shades, what's not to love?

Best Powder Liner EVER

I bought this on clearance AGES ago for $3. Yup. Three. And since then I've been using this primarily for lining my lashline so my makeup isn't too dark and harsh and scary. I love this, it's a great formulation and there is so much product in the pot!


These shadows have insane amounts of fallout. I bought two quads to fill up and every single shadow creases (even with primer), and they just don't have good pigmentation. These are definitely a product to pass on in my opinion

Just like the rest

This isn't an awful product by any means, but I feel like there are so many other cream shadow pencils out there that are the same or similar shades to these. From what I saw at my local drugstore, all the shades have nicer dupes in NYX and Urban Decay.

Great for oily skin

I have dry/combination skin, where my cheeks are dry-ish, but my T-zone gets ridiculously oily. This is the only moisturizing lotion that is oil-free that still gave my cheeks the moisture they needed. It smells delicious, has the cutest packaging ever (WITH A PUMP), and is definitely worth the money.

Worth the Splurge

I walked over to Chanel while I was in Nordstrom about three months ago because I had seen so many tweets and YouTube videos about this foundation. When I first got matched, I thought that this color was WAY too pink (12 Beige Rose) but it actually brings out the life in my skin and makes it look radiant. There really isn't a very strong smell that I notice, and it feels absolutely weightless. I would definitely recommend this product.